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Selecting an Adoption Agency

Finding the right adoption agency is a big decision. The agency you select will be responsible for helping connect you to a birthmother and guide you throughout the process of adopting, meaning you'll be working with them quite a bit. It's important to know what services the agency you're considering offers, how their staff is trained, how they communicate, and how long the average adoption wait through the agency is. Look up reviews from both adoptive families and birthmothers who have worked with the agency to be sure you're working with a company who treats everyone well and makes sure the birthmothers get the care they deserve. Below are some national adoption agencies you might consider as you begin your search.

Gladney Center for Adoption

This adoption agency is over 125 years old, making it a mainstay in the adoption community with a reputation for quality interactions. While headquartered in Texas, the agency has offices around the country and can work with any state where cooperating home studies are available. On the down side, this agency's long history and great reputation means they do charge a bit more than some others do, but their resources and history of support make that investment worth it for many families.

American Adoptions

American Adoptions is able to handle adoptions in every state except New York and New Jersey. This agency is fully licensed and has a wide range of resources available to both birth parents and adoptive parents. Completing over 300 adoptions each year, this agency has the experience needed to connect families and complete adoptions while providing support throughout the process.


Spence-Chapin has been connecting families through adoption since 1908, making it one of the longest established adoption agencies in the country. This agency is known for their commitment to follow-through for the adoptive family, adoptee, and birthmother, and for being adoption advocates for fair adoption laws throughout the years. They have also long worked to serve all kinds of families, making them a common choice for single parents and the LGBT community.

A Act of Love Adoptions

A Act of Love Adoptions was founded by an adoptive mother who adopted 8 of her 10 children and wanted to facilitate that process for others. The agency is licensed in Utah but works with clients around the country, working with local agencies around the country to coordinate home studies. The agency offers counseling and a 24-hour hotline for expectant mothers.

Beacon House Adoption Services

Beacon House is a non-profit adoption agency, able to service every state in the country except New York. They specialize in domestic infant adoptions, with average connection times varying from 3 to 18 months. The agency connects birthparents with adoptive parents around the country and ensures birthmothers receive the counseling needed throughout the adoption process.

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