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Paper Pregnant | Pregnant Paper Announcements and Why They Are Important

Paper Pregnancy Announcements

What is the Paper Pregnant Movement?

Paper pregnancy is a contemporary term that indicates the beginning of the official adoption process. Adoption involves different stages including application, home study, and interviews with counsel. You may not be readying yourself for a physical pregnancy, but there are similarities in conditioning yourself for both biological and adoptive parenthood . Adoptive parents go through many emotions and preparations similar to a woman that is physically pregnant. The term paper pregnant was coined to describe the time between the application for adoption and being connected with a child. The paper pregnant movement is an important term to understand. It expresses empathy, as well as a merger between adoptive and biological parents. It further defines the common process on all sides of the adoption.

PaperPregnancy is Celebration-Worthy!

When adoptive parents apply for an adoption, it involves both emotional and physical investment, just like physical pregnancy. It’s not easy to understand the paperwork and to endure interviews and home visits. Prospective adoptive parents are preparing themselves for the arrival of their child, similar to pregnant mothers who want to make sure everything is taken care of before their baby arrives. Adoptive parents are “with child” in their heart, rather than their body. When someone uses the term paper pregnant, it describes the joy of expecting a child just as it is common to announce physical pregnancy. It demonstrates to the public the importance of adoption for the birthparents and the adoptive parents. In a strategic way, using this term intends to remove the stigmas that may still linger in less informed perspectives. Paper pregnancy is informing your support that you are on your own journey to creating a family.

Why is the paper pregnant movement important?

A biological pregnancy typically takes 40 weeks. A paper pregnancy can similarly take 40 weeks and sometimes longer. During the pregnancy time, both birthparents and adoptive emotionally ready themselves for shifting responsibilities and new roles.  Love keeps both adoptive parents and birthparents going through the ups and downs of the adoption process. Not everyone is called to adopt, but those who do develop a unique community. Their experiences are individual but they all contribute to the greater purpose of elevating the adoption platform. Celebrate your paper pregnancy and encourage others to embrace their own personal reasons to move forward with their adoptive families.


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