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Unplanned Pregnancy? Here are your next steps.

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Millions of women face unplanned pregnancies every year. The fact is that in the United States only half of the pregnancies are unplanned so you should know that if you have the same story, you are not alone. Discovering that you’re pregnant can leave you to feel shocked, confused, and scared, but, there’s no reason to panic because you do have options. Here are the first steps you should take after you find out about your unplanned pregnancy.

Contact your doctor.

If your home pregnancy test shows that you’re pregnant, the first step is to visit your doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Your doctor will perform a test to confirm that you’re indeed pregnant. It’s important to visit a doctor as soon as your home pregnancy test shows you’re pregnant so you could receive a proper medical care for you and your baby.

Take your time.

It can be easy to panic, but don’t. You need to take a deep breath and realize that you have time to decide what you want to do. Don’t rush into making any quick decisions you may regret later. Take a week or two to consider your options and think about the impact of your decision on your future. Make an effort to learn everything you can about your options.

Share the news.

Talk with someone you trust because it’s not easy to cope with the stress on your own. Pick someone you think will be supportive like a trusted family member or a close friend. You can even talk with a medical professional or a therapist to get a neutral opinion. If people's opinions involve any pressure, make sure that your boundaries are to only consider the decision presents the best outcome for your own situation. You have ownership and control in whatever outcome you choose.

Take good care of yourself.

If you feel stressed or depressed, talk to your health care provider or a psychologist. Sometimes, it’s easier to open up to a complete stranger. When you’re sure that you’re pregnant, you need to change your lifestyle. This means you need to eat healthy food and drink plenty of water to help keep your energy up. You definitely should not consume any alcohol and try to eat highly nutritious foods.

What are your options.

There are a few options in cases of unplanned pregnancies. You can continue the pregnancy and place your child for an adoption, you can continue the pregnancy and become a parent, or you can end the pregnancy. This decision is only yours to make. You should think about your plans for the future and consider all the pros, cons and potential implications of all three outcomes on your life.

Questions to think about are:

"At this point in my life can I assume the parenting responsibilities and ensure a loving household for my child?"

"Would I be able to end a pregnancy in good conscience and have limited personal emotional implications later on?"

"Is adoption the best option to offer my child the greatest opportunities and family life, while I also present the blessing to a loving family of child in their lives?" 

Think about you would feel. Many mothers are considering the adoption process as a solution to provide the best care for the baby. The line between an adoption and parenting your child is a delicate one. Thinking about placing your child for an adoption is a selfless act.  Most importantly it means you choose life. There is no shame in deciding adoption, you are a hero for facing your truth head on and choosing an outcome that can have so many benefits for every life involved.

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