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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Florida

dear expectant mother

I admire your strength and selflessness, and I thank you for putting the needs of your child above your own in this difficult decision. You are courageous and generous. I would be honored and blessed for my family to be considered to raise your baby.

I am extremely loving and nurturing, and I promise to provide love and encouragement daily, quality education, and guidance in life lessons and choices. We will swim, go to the playground, ride bikes, and play board games. We will go berry picking and to the beach. I will encourage their development in all ways and will attend their school and social events. I will encourage them to read and learn. I look forward to watching them participate in sports, music, art, and other activities and promise to cheer them on and cheer them up. I will teach them good sportsmanship both when they lose and when they win. I will encourage them to always do their best in everything they do.

I will never forget the gift you have given. I was adopted myself and have a couple of cousins and great-nieces who are adopted. I will be uniquely qualified to help your child with emotions and questions he or she may have about being adopted. I will remind them always, they were both given and received with great love.

I admire your strength and selflessness, and I thank you for putting the needs of your child above your own in this difficult decision. You are courageous and generous.


About Me

I love to sing, dance, and laugh. I am dedicated and passionate in my care for children and animals. I have always been extremely compassionate and nurturing to the people around me, which is why I chose to become a pediatric nurse. My parents, who have been married for more than 50 years, were a pastor and special education teacher. I enjoy sporting activities both as a participant and a spectator and played many sports during my childhood. I competed on varsity track and volleyball throughout high school and varsity volleyball and rugby throughout college. I worked hard to get good grades, and education is very important to me. The most important aspect of both school and sports to me is to just give 100% and do your best.

My Home & Pets

I live in a quiet, diverse neighborhood family homes. There are small shops within walking distance and major shopping centers a short drive away. Several neighborhood parks with playgrounds are within just a couple miles as well as a neighborhood pool. There are several good elementary schools to choose from. There are multiple major amusement parks within a short driving distance, and major sporting events, music concerts, theater performances, and museums are downtown. We have major beaches only an hour or two in either direction. I have always been an animal lover and have three dogs and two cats ranging between one and six years old. They help fill my home with love and activity.

My Extended Family

My parents have been married more than 50 years and are big fans of the arts as well as musically talented themselves. They have always encouraged participation in music, whether vocal, dance, or instrumental. My father is a Lutheran minister serving his congregations and community tirelessly for more than half a century. My mother is a special education teacher and provided the same endless patience, strength of character, and wisdom to her students that she provided to her family. My oldest sister is married and lives in the Midwest with their two daughters. My second oldest sister lives in the Northwest and has four daughters. My older brother also lives in the Northwest with his wife and two young daughters.

My favorite tradition began about 12 years ago when we began holding family reunions, where my parents, siblings, and nieces (there are no nephews yet) could all get together for a week during the summer from the various areas of the country and live, play, and laugh together while reconnecting. My twin brother and his wife live just over an hour away from me. He remains my best friend.

My Adoption Story

I always knew I was adopted as an infant along with my twin brother, so I know what a blessing it is to be adopted by a family that loves you as if they gave birth to you. I know some of the opportunities I had that would not have been mine if the adoption had not taken place. I have always wanted to adopt in addition to having children of my own. I was able to give birth to one brilliant and spectacular child but then encountered challenges in expanding my family. The one thing I remained sure of is that I was meant to be a mother to more children. My daughter and I want to share our love, home, and lives with another child.

more about Tiffany

more about Tiffany

Registered nurse
African American
Bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science, bachelor’s degree in nursing
Italian, Mexican
Drawing, singing
Black Panther
Volleyball, football
Music Group:
Pink, TLC, Salt-N-Pepa, Beyonce
TV Show:
New Amsterdam
Where the Red Fern Grows, Chief Black Hawk
Subject in School:
English, psychology, political science
Dream Vacation:
New Zealand

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