recent adoptions

  • Baby girl Adalina Marielle

    Congratulations to Hannah!

    Hannah was matched with her daughter's birthmom back in April of this year. They built a wonderful relationship with one another during those months. Her birthmother delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl, Adalina Marielle, on July 7th. After Hannah had been caring for Adalina for three days, we were given the news that her birthmother had decided to parent. Heartbroken, Hannah brought Adalina back to her birthmother and then traveled back home. A few weeks later, Hannah texted Adalina's birthmom wishing Adalina a "happy one month." That's when things changed. It was at that point this courageous and incredibly strong birthmother asked Hannah to come back to Ohio because she knew Hannah was meant to be Adalina's mom. Hannah traveled back once again, this time with a different result. It was a really long road for Hannah, with many other failed adoptions along the way, but she never gave up hope. We couldn't be more ecstatic that things worked out for her!

  • Baby boy Finnegan

    Congratulations to Jeff & Cade!

    Jeff and Cade returned to LifeLong for their second adoption journey in 2016. After a long and quiet 22 months, they were speedily connected with their birthmother who gave birth to their beautiful son Finnegan on August 15, 2018. With the help of their adoptive parent coordinator, Jenee, their family is complete! Congratulations Jeff and Cade on the birth of your son, Finnegan. We were blessed to be on this journey with you!

  • Baby boy Roman Patrick

    Congratulations to Danny & Chris!

    This amazing and patient couple had an excruciatingly long journey, but they were dedicated to their dream of becoming a family. They maintained the hope that one day their life would change. Soon enough, the birthparents that were meant to bless their lives forever called LifeLong with the news that they were considering placing their son Roman Patrick. Roman's birthparents were making this choice together. They had contacted LifeLong months prior and decided to parent, but soon after he was born, they made the brave decision that placing Roman with Chris and Danny would be for the best. Chris and Danny immediately traveled to meet Roman's birthparents and have enjoyed every moment of having Roman in their lives ever since. Congratulations Chris and Danny! You are evidence that good things come to those who wait!

  • Baby girl Hope

    Congratulations to John & Sophear!

    John and Sophear connected with their birthmother 16 months into their adoption journey. What was a quiet journey turned into a joyful unfolding of a relationship as they began regular communication and built a relationship over three months with their daughter's expectant mother. Knowing that the ultimate decision was in her hands, they were scared, nervous, and excited, but they stayed hopeful. On August 31, they welcomed their daughter Hope into the world. Many thanks to this courageous birthmother who blessed this amazing family! Congratulations John and Sophear on the birth of your daughter!

  • Baby girl Hazel

    Congratulations to Rob & Matt!

    A little over a year into their journey, Rob and Matt were contacted by their amazing birthmother through the LifeLong website after she had seen their profile video and felt drawn to them. We connected them, and after a few short weeks they were working through the details of making this adoption happen! The family traveled to meet with her and she enjoyed meeting them in person. Rob and Matt continued to support her in the coming weeks as they moved forward together until sweet Hazel was born on July 9. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, Rob and Matt!

  • Baby boy Liam Alexander

    Congratulations to Ben & Rudy!

    Ben and Rudy experienced many ups and downs in their emotional adoption journey. It was all worth it when they welcomed their son Liam on July 9th. With the assistance of their adoptive parent coordinator, Melinda, they connected with their birthmother in April. They had experienced some setbacks along the way, but after eight months, they were celebrating little Liam's entrance into the world. We admire their brave birthmother who put her child first and gave these parents a most beautiful gift.

  • Baby girl Kaiya Xelene

    Congratulations to Clarissa & Dixie!

    Congratulations Clarissa and Dixie on the birth of their daughter Kaiya! These parents began the month of July with the most amazing gift. They adopted in four months! With the help of Melinda, their adoptive parent coordinator, they connected with their courageous birthmother in April. The months that followed were an opportunity for these parents to truly learn about the birthmother and establish a beautiful relationship with her. They began the year joining Lifelong and by summer were welcoming their daughter!

  • Baby girl Gianna Marie

    Congratulations to Frank & Shane!

    Frank and Shane had their profile first presented in the beginning of March. By the end of the month, they were already moving forward with their most altruistic birthmother! The couple was able to visit the birthmother and truly enjoyed getting to know this courageous woman. With the assistance of Melinda, their adoptive parent coordinator, they were easily and quickly able to connect with their birthmother in three short months. Frank and Shane welcomed their daughter Gianna Marie on June 19th with so much joy!

  • Baby girl Ava

    Congratulations to Lance & Trevan!

    Lance and Trevan adopted in 28 months. After a long journey, the opportunity that was intended just for them arose at just the right moment! Lance and Trevan were given the last-minute opportunity to work with a selfless and strong birthmother/birthfather couple right in their home state of California. Only a short distance away from this couple was a pair of birthparents who may give them the most precious gift they could even imagine. They sat on the edge of their seats waiting to hear that it was time to go. Sweet Ava was born on June 18, 2018, and this patient couple could not have been more overjoyed. With a little help from their adoptive parent coordinator, Jenee, during the long wait and their birthmother coordinator, Nicole, during the execution of the plan, this family was made complete and we were blessed to witness another miracle of adoption. Congratulations Lance and Trevan on your sweet daughter Ava!

  • It&s a boy!

    Baby boy Miles Aaron

    Congratulations to Timothy & Nicholas!

    Timothy and Nicholas truly experienced the unique ride of adoption. In the end, they have a beautiful story to tell and we hope their courageous birthmother knows how appreciated she is by LifeLong and this couple she chose to raise her sweet son. Timothy and Nicholas had their first birthmother opportunity 14 months into their adoption journey. They were saddened when this opportunity seemingly did not work out, however, they continued to ask about her and let us know she was still in their hearts. Four months later, this strong woman called our birthmother coordinator, Nicole, to express she was still interested in placing her baby with Timothy and Nicholas. The family was quick to get to the hospital to welcome their son, Miles Aaron, on June 9. Congratulations on your new addition!

  • Baby girl Ainsley

    Congratulations to Ben & Mike!

    Congratulations to Ben and Mike on welcoming their daughter Ainsley into their home! It was a whirlwind of emotions and ups and downs, but they welcomed their lovely daughter on June 7th. The couple placed in six months. They are so thankful for their amazing birthmother and their chance to be daddies. LifeLong and their adoptive parent coordinator, Melinda, are so very overjoyed to have been part of their journey.

  • Baby girl Jaidyn

    Congratulations to Marcus & Noel!

    Marcus and Noel returned to LifeLong for their second adoption. After a long journey, they finally welcomed Jaidyn Geneva! Through patience, faith and a little distraction named Jordan (Jaidyn's big brother), Marcus and Noel made it to the finish line. Jaidyn's courageous birthmother chose an amazing family for her beautiful daughter, and despite all of the unknowns, they were all able to work together to make this happen with the assistance of LifeLong's Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Jenee, and Birthmother Coordinator, Nicole. We are blessed to be able to announce another family created through the miracle of adoption. Congratulations!