recent adoptions

  • Baby girl Morgan

    Congratulations to Sara & Rob!

    Congratulations to Sara & Robi for adopting Morgan in 5 months.

    She was born in Florida and weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 inches long. They have a wonderful relationship with the birthmom and they are so thankful that we helped them build their family!

  • Baby boy Tyler

    Congratulations to Brent & Matt!

    Congratulations to Brent & Matt for adopting their beautiful baby boy Tyler in 3 months.

    Tyler was 6 pounds and 1 ounce when he was born. He was born in Colorado and the family is so excited to bring little Noah home with them.

  • Baby girl Isabella

    Congratulations to Ashley & Marc!

    Marc and Ashley became proud parents of beautiful little Isabella Lee on May 20, 2012. She was born 6 lbs, 2 oz and 20 inches from her wonderful birthmother Charkia. We can't thank her enough for giving Marc and Ashley the opportunity to have a family of their own - not to mention a little sister for Becky! Ashley and Marc were connected in 1 month. Congratulations!

  • Baby girl Elyse Pippa

    Congratulations to Jessica & Rob!

    Please welcome our little princess Elyse! Congratulations to Jessica & Rob and thank you to the birth mother Jessica. We are all forever grateful! They adopted in 1 month.

    Elyse Pippa was born April 6, 2012 in Indiana and weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces.

  • Baby girl Emma Kate

    Congratulations to Mark & Jeremy!

    We were matched with our birth mom within less than a week of signing up with Lifelong. We made arrangements to meet the family in January 2012 in Nashville, TN. Jeremy and I took the family out to eat and just have some personal time alone with the family and discuss what part they were comfortable with us being a part of during the delivery of the baby. The mom wanted us to be as much as a part of the delivery as we wanted to, which put us at ease and made us feel even more special! Seeing Emma for the first time was the best feeling ever! Adoption was truly changed both of our day to day lives, but wow would l not have it any other way. She brings so much joy and laughter to our home each day! Sweet Emma Kate was born on March 6, 2012 at 4 pounds 3 ounces in Tennessee.

  • Baby girl Payton

    Congratulations to Eric & Lindsay!

    Payton was born on October 19, 2011 in Texas at 10:46 pm and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces. We thank Payton's birthmother for giving Erik & Lindsay this wonderful miracle of life. She is a very special young lady, and no words can ever express their gratitude. Congratulations again to Erik & Lindsay!