recent adoptions

  • Baby boy Bennett Arnold

    Congratulations to Scott & Brittney!

    Congratulations to Scott and Brittney! Bennett Arnold was born on March 22, 2018. Scott and Brittney were matched with their wonderful birthmother for exactly a month until their new baby boy arrived, but they had everything set and ready to go! They always remained calm and patient and trusted the process of adoption. They assured the birthmother that they were there to support her and be there for her whenever she gave them the word, and they were. They hopped in the car the second she told them he was born! The bond they formed and the caring love they showed towards her in such a short amount of time was so admirable. Congratulations again to this happy couple! Scott and Brittney adopted in eight months.

  • Baby girl Nova

    Congratulations to Sarafina & Jenn!

    In exactly nine months, Sarafina and Jenn welcomed their sweet little girl, Nova, into the world. She was born on March 4, 2018, and built a forever bond with her birth parents. Sarafina and Jenn were so supportive to respect their birth parents wishes when they asked to take little Nova home with them after discharge for a few weeks. Sarafina and Jenn showed their care, love, and support towards them during that time, and we are forever grateful for the compassion they posed during their match. Nova is beyond lucky to have all of you in her life to give her endless kisses and love! Congratulations to this sweet couple!

  • Baby boy Leith Gregor

    Congratulations to Brian & Brian!

    The staff at LifeLong is thrilled to announce the birth of baby boy Leith Gregor. He was born on March 2nd, 2018, and new dads, Brian and Brian, are beside themselves with joy! Leith is already loving being spoiled. Brian and Brian were connected with their amazingly sweet birthmother in a quick eight months! Congratulations to this happy family, we wish you the all the love and happiness!

  • Baby girl Madison Amani

    Congratulations to Nicole!

    Nicole was always hoping for a sweet baby girl to become a mommy to, and her dream came true on February 8, 2018! Madison Amani was born on February 8, 2018, just 15 months into Nicole's adoption journey! She and her birthmother met before the birth, and Nicole was even able to attend one of the doctor's appointments! They hit it off and built an incredible friendship during the time they were connected. It was a beautiful outcome and we are so thankful to have played a role in connecting these two amazing women. Congratulations, Nicole!

  • Baby boy Everett Calvin

    Congratulations to Dustin & Brooke!

    The wait is finally over! Dustin and Brooke's baby boy, Everett Calvin, was born on February 20, 2018. At the drop of a hat, they were on their way to Ohio to be there for the C-section. Their amazing birthmother gave them the most selfless gift anyone could give. Dustin and Brooke made a trip to spend time with their birthmother prior to the birth, meeting her daughter and going out to lunch. It was a wonderful time and they developed a special bond they will cherish forever. Dustin and Brooke's patience and understanding during their journey was admirable. We are incredibly happy to have been a part of your journey and seen your dreams of parenthood come true. Wishing you all the very best!

  • Baby boy Ashton Kenneth

    Congratulations to Denea!

    On February 19, 2018, Denea got the call she had been waiting for! Ashton Kenneth was born on February 10, 2018, a few weeks early. Denea's amazing birthmother, who we were in touch with since November of 2017, made the brave decision to call LifeLong when the baby was being discharged and wanted to move forward with adoption. Denea dropped everything she was doing and went straight to South Carolina to meet her son for the first time! We are so thankful for Ashton's birthparents. Because of their selfless act, another family has had their dreams come true. Denea adopted in a quick four months!

  • It&s a boy!

    Baby boy Jayden Kai

    Congratulations to Jessy & Caroline!

    Congratulations to Jessy and Caroline who welcomed their son, Jayden Kai, into the world on February 10, 2018. Their beyond selfless birthmother placed with LifeLong previously and has now given beautiful miracles to two wonderful families. We are so excited for this sweet couple who showed much respect and empathy for their birthmother. In 16 months they became new mommies! Congrats Jessy and Caroline!

  • Baby girl Charlotte Grace

    Congratulations to Tiffany & Jason!

    Tiffany and Jason met their little girl, Charlotte Grace, on February 9, 2018. Their amazing birthparents made the brave decision in helping make Tiffany and Jason parents. It was a difficult decision that took a lot of courage and strength and we are so grateful to them for making Tiffany and Jason's dreams come true! Congratulations to this beautiful family! Tiffany and Jason adopted in 14 months.

  • Baby boy Preston Armand

    Congratulations to Domonic & Kenan!

    We're so excited to celebrate our first Illinois to Illinois placement! LifeLong recently got licensed under the licensing of Luthern Child and Family Services of Illinois, and shortly thereafter, Domonic and Kenan joined LifeLong. Just one month into their adoption journey they were contacted by a brave woman, also in Illinois, who wanted to start talking with them. They were matched with her from October to February. Their son Preston Armand was born on February 7, 2018, and they couldn't be prouder dads! We couldn't be more excited and happy for this sweet couple who we were fortunate enough to all meet. Congrats Kenan and Domonic!

  • Baby girl Laura

    Congratulations to Courtney & Chris!

    Chris and Courtney had an amazing journey. Through the ups and downs of their 22-month adoption journey, they remained faithful and, most importantly, positive. Laura entered Chris and Courtney's lives forever on February 1, 2018, and she was the most beautiful little peanut. She has a gorgeous little smile that says it all! She is the light of their lives, stole their hearts immediately, and was well worth the wait. Their birthparents made this selfless and incredible decision together. They were so strong, communicative, and determined during their entire match. These are two really wonderful couples who deserve a lifetime of happiness!

  • Baby boy Kai

    Congratulations to Michelle!

    We are so excited to announce that Michelle was blessed with a beautiful baby boy! Little Kai came into her life after just seven months of waiting. He was born on February 1, 2018, and was immediately welcomed into the world by his new mom! In a short amount of time, Michelle developed a beautiful forever bond with Kai's birth parents who made this very selfless and brave decision together. The LifeLong family is so truly happy for this new family and we hope that they all have many amazing memories together!

  • Baby boy Mateo

    Congratulations to Marc & Rachel!

    From the initial conversation Marc and Rachel had with their awesome birthmother, they had an instant and beautiful bond! In an incredible two months, Marc and Rachel met their baby son, Mateo. All of them resided in California, so they were there the instant their birthmother gave them the news that she was in labor and provided amazing support to this strong woman. Mateo was born on January 13, 2018. We are so grateful and happy for everyone involved! Congratulations!!