recent adoptions

  • Baby boy Maddox Asher

    Congratulations to Kevin & Abby!

    A big congratulations to new parents, Kevin and Abby, on adopting their son! Kevin and Abby spent the last three months of their birthmother's pregnancy supporting her throughout the adoption process. They even made a trip out to meet with her beforehand to spend quality time together! Maddox Asher was born on January 5, 2018, and is already so loved by Kevin and Abby's families! Their birthmom has been such a blessing to them and their new family and we couldn't thank her enough for her strength, courage, and selflessness during this journey. Congratulations again, Kevin and Abby! They adopted in five months.

  • Baby girl Alyana Jenavieve

    Congratulations to Anthony & Joselito!

    What a great way for Anthony and Joselito to start the year off! Little Alyana Jenavieve was born on January 4, 2018, and immediately stole the hearts of her new daddies. With a month left to go on their contract date, they became proud new parents to a beautiful baby girl! They were matched with their beautiful birthmother for two months before their daughter entered the world. They were able to head to Kentucky for a weekend to spend time with their birthmother and her children. Getting to know one another in person solidified everyone's excitement and hopefulness! Anthony and Joselito treated their birthmother with nothing but love and respect and were with her every step of the way. We couldn't be happier for this sweet couple. Congrats, guys!

  • Baby girl Piper Jane

    Congratulations to Jill & Shaela!

    Welcome to the world, Piper! It was a last-minute situation where Jill and Shaela's birthmother called us as she was in labor from the hospital. Jill and Shaela went out to Missouri right away! Piper was born on December 15, 2017, which was perfect timing to celebrate the holidays! We cannot admire Piper's birthmother enough for her strength and making Jill and Shaela's dreams come true. Congratulations!!

  • Baby boy Maya Christine

    Congratulations to Liz & Andy!

    Liz and Andy's birthmother had been considering adoption prior to contacting LifeLong in early September. LifeLong helped her pick from various family profiles and she felt confident in having Liz and Andy adopt her baby girl. Over the course of the next two months, they built a wonderful relationship. Liz and Andy made travel plans to go out to Maine, a few days before her anticipated due date of December 28th, But, their new daughter had other plans! Little Maya was born on December 1, 2017, as healthy as could be, and Liz and Andy dropped everything they were doing and headed out to the hospital immediately! Maya was able to spend her first hours in the world surrounded by the love of her birthmother and adoptive parents. Liz and Andy adopted in 11 months! From all of us here at LifeLong, we wish everyone nothing but love and happiness. Congratulations!

  • Baby boy Boston

    Congratulations to Jeff & David!

    Six months into their adoption journey, Jeff and David were bringing home their baby boy, Boston, from Florida! Boston was born on November 20, 2017, and his daddies' hearts grew the moment they saw him. With some time in the NICU, they knew Boston was such a fighter and so strong! They were such a remarkable support for their birthmother, who wanted to start talking to Jeff and David back in September. They showed her nothing but compassion, understanding, empathy, and love. While they did have some trials and tribulations close to her due date, they already knew, though, that Boston was meant to be in their home forever! They were connected for two months and created a beautiful relationship. Congrats Jeff and David — thank you for being so amazing through this process and so caring towards Boston's birthmother!!

  • Baby boy Jett Thomas

    Congratulations to Mark & Jason!

    Mark and Jason's birthmother contacted LifeLong Adoptions for the first time in the beginning of October of 2017. Finding Mark and Jason on the website, she felt an immediate connection with them and knew there was something special about them. She and the birthfather were very unsure of which direction they wanted to go, so LifeLong decided to communicate with them and work with them on this decision until they felt comfortable moving forward. It wasn't until a month later that they decided to move forward with their adoption plan. On November 6th, Mark and Jason got the call that would change everything! Ten days after getting the call, their son, Jett Thomas, was born on November 16, 2017! In the few short weeks that they communicated, both parties were able to meet for dinner and get to know one another. They realized they had a lot more in common than they anticipated! Talk about fate! We could not be more excited for the bond that Mark and Jason created with their birth parents and the amazing life that Jett is going to have, having his birth parents and adoptive parents in his life. He is so loved! Congrats to you all, and we wish you nothing but the best!

  • Baby girl Audrey Lillis

    Congratulations to Shawna & Joshua!

    From the initial conversation, Shawna and Josh had with their awesome birth parents, they had an instant and beautiful bond! In an incredible five months, Shawn and Josh were heading across the country to meet their baby daughter, Audrey Lillis, from Pennsylvania. Audrey was born on November 15, 2017. In such a short amount of time, they gained beautiful friends and built an incredible relationship with Audrey's birth parents. We cannot express how incredibly grateful and happy we are for everyone involved. Congratulations!

  • Baby boy William Michael

    Congratulations to Andrew & Chris!

    After 22 months of waiting, Andrew and Chris were holding their sweet baby boy for the first time! William Michael was born on November 1, 2017, and Andrew and Chris were immediately in love. They showed nothing but care and understanding to their birthmother, even when things were thrown their way they didn't quite expect. Acceptance and love is what they had in their hearts, and they were more than ready to open their hearts to a beautiful baby boy. We are wishing you all a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Baby girl Saige Rose

    Congratulations to Paul & Roy!

    Paul and Roy had a challenging adoption journey, but they never gave up on their dreams of becoming daddies. Past their contract date, they continued to press forward, knowing their birthmother was out there somewhere. Then LifeLong gave them the call that changed it all. Their birthmother delivered a sweet baby girl on October 16, 2017. Paul and Roy headed to Arkansas without hesitation and they met their daughter the following day! Their birthmother had placed for adoption with LifeLong once before and made this brave, strong, and courageous choice to do so again. Saige Rose was born on October 16, 2017, and was as beautiful as ever! With every obstacle that Paul and Roy faced, it all led them to their new baby girl. To Saige's birthmother, your determination, and strength is something we all admire here and we cannot thank you enough for completing this family! You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We cannot be more excited for this amazing couple!

  • Baby boy Jett

    Congratulations to Chris & Zac!

    We are so excited to announce that Chris and Zac were blessed with a beautiful baby boy! Little Jett came into their lives after just seven short months of waiting. He was born on October 15, 2017 — what a great way to start the holiday season! Jett was immediately welcomed into the world by his new parents. Chris and Zac developed a beautiful bond with Jett's birth parents, where there was a mutual understanding and respect on all ends throughout the process. The LifeLong family is so truly happy for this new family and we hope they have many amazing memories together! Thanks to Jett's birth parents for making such a brave and courageous choice to help Chris and Zac grow their family with a new bundle of joy. Congrats, guys!

  • Baby boy Rhys Martin

    Congratulations to Michelle & Sam!

    Precious Rhys Martin was born to Michelle and Sam on September 25, 2017. From their first visit with their birthmother Raychell, there was an instant connection and bond between them all. Though Michelle and Sam guarded their hearts during this journey, they were always by her side, from the initial phone call from us through the entire pregnancy! We are all so thankful for Raychell and birthfather Corey for giving Michelle and Sam this incredible gift. Michelle and Sam successfully adopted in 21 months. Congrats to this sweet couple!

  • Baby boy Dylan Jamison

    Congratulations to Meagan & Barbara!

    Congratulations to Meagan and Barbara on adopting their beautiful baby boy, Dylan Jamison! Dylan was born on August 30, 2017. Meagan and Barbara had only been talking to their incredibly selfless birthmother for 23 days before they got a last-minute phone call that she had the baby! As they were scrambling to make travel arrangements, they were sweet and caring enough to have a doula present with their birthmother until they arrived. The birthmother, Antionette, was leaning more towards a closed adoption, but Meagan and Barbara were wanting it more open. Knowing that this incredible couple was willing to open their hearts to continue contact with her and keep her in their lives eased Antoinette's mind. They all put their feelings aside and are doing what is best for little Dylan. It's an emotional journey, but having the care, sweetness, and understanding that these wonderful women have really makes for a beautiful outcome. Best wishes to you all!