recent adoptions

  • Baby girl Delta Yvonne

    Congratulations to Jennifer & Kate!

    Jennifer and Kate really lucked out with an incredible connection! In July, fourteen months into their adoption journey, they got a call that a sweet expecting mother named Ashley wanted to start talking with them. They instantly hit it off and just five short days later, Jennifer and Kate made travel arrangements to go meet Ashley in Oklahoma. They showed no hesitation to head out to help make her feel comfortable and confident in her decision with them. They built an incredible bond in such a short amount of time. A month later, their beautiful daughter, Delta Yvonne, was born on August 26, 2017. Ashley showed nothing but love and care towards this process, and was so thankful for all who played a part in it. She will always be Jennifer and Kate's angel for making their dreams of motherhood come true. Having been a part of your story has filled out hearts with joy. Wishing you all a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Baby boy Winston

    Congratulations to Lucas & Jordan!

    Seven months into their adoption journey, Lucas and Jordan were bringing home their baby boy Winston from their home state of Missouri! Winston was born on August 23, 2017, and his daddies' hearts grew the moment they saw him. They were such a remarkable support for their birthmother, Shellby, who wanted to start talking to Lucas and Jordan back in May. They were connected for three months and created a beautiful relationship that will last a lifetime. Congratulations, Lucas and Jordan!

  • Baby boy Caleb Logan

    Congratulations to Steve & Michael!

    After a few failed adoptions during both the connected and talking phases, Steve and Michael got a call from LifeLong notifying them they were chosen by a birthmother who wasn't quite ready to be in direct contact with them yet. With the help of their attorney, we facilitated communication between both parties and helped them navigate the last few weeks of the birthmother's pregnancy. After two years of waiting and nearing the end of their contract, Michael and Steve met their son, Caleb, for the first time. Though it was a very difficult decision for their birthmother, Alicia, she ultimately only wanted what was best for Caleb. Caleb was born on August 18, 2017, and is as handsome as ever! We cannot commend Alicia enough on her brave, courageous, and noble decision of putting herself last and doing everything she could for Caleb. You are an angel, and we cannot thank you enough for making this sweet couple's dream come true. Congratulations Steve and Michael!

  • Baby girl Ellie Rose

    Congratulations to Meg & Ry!

    We are so excited to announce that Meg and Ry were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Ellie Rose came into their lives after just seven months of waiting. She was born on August 17, 2017, and was immediately welcomed into the world by her new parents. Meg and Ry made a visit out to Missouri before Ellie's birth to meet their amazing birthmom, Jessy, and her family, and they developed a beautiful forever bond. The LifeLong family is so truly happy for this new family and we hope they have many amazing memories together! Thanks to their birthmother on making such a brave and courageous choice to help Meg and Ry grow their family with a new bundle of joy!

  • Baby girl Aliyah Dawn

    Congratulations to Brandon & Noah!

    Patience and understanding are two really great words we would use to describe Noah and Brandon. They adopted in 16 months! They were connected with their birth parents, Priscilla and Ryan, for a few months before their baby girl, Aliyah Dawn, was born on August 12, 2017. There was never a doubt from their astonishingly strong birth parents, and once they found the perfect family for them, it made their decision that much more concrete. Priscilla and Ryan kept the guys up to date with doctor's appointments and the baby's progress, and Noah and Brandon headed to northern California right before the induction. They were patient in navigating this time for both Priscilla and Ryan. They were understanding and not pushy when it came to communication and knew that everything would work out the way it was supposed to. And it did! We cannot be more excited for this deserving and incredible couple. We wish you all nothing but the very best!

  • It&s a boy!

    Baby boy

    Congratulations to Yishai & Yochanan!

    The wait is finally over! Yishai and Yochanan's baby boy was born very unexpectedly on August 7, 2017. LifeLong was in touch with their birthmother, Laura, on and off for a few months while she worked through this decision. One day, LifeLong texted Laura to check in and see how her day was. Laura, with some humor, stated she had been having some contraction pains and ended up having her son at home just hours before! He was born two months early and had to spend some time in the NICU. That's when Yishai and Yochanan got the call they had been waiting for! Without hesitation or question, they went to Ohio to start bonding with and being there for their boy, while showing great support to Laura. It was a long road for Yishai and Yochanan, who waited over two years, but their patience and perseverance outweighed the wait, and their amazing birthmother gave them the most selfless gift anyone can get! We are thankful that they held onto fate and hope during this difficult journey. We are incredibly happy to have been a part of their journey and have seen their dreams of parenthood come true. Wishing you all the very best!

  • Baby boy Julian Hugh

    Congratulations to Tyler & Ozzy!

    Ozzy and Tyler were just settling into their adoption journey after completing their home study and family profile. They were not expecting to get any news for a while. Little did they know, shortly after that, they would have baby Julian Hugh in their arms! In just a quick four months, Tyler and Ozzy were connected with their wonderful birthmother, Paige. They embarked on a road trip across half of the United States to meet her for the first time, and Julian Hugh was born on August 7, 2017. LifeLong was very fortunate to have met Tyler and Ozzy at the LifeLong Adoptions Family Reunion event, and we instantly knew they were going to be great dads. Their birthmother contacted LifeLong back in December of 2016 to get information on adoption, but she didn't contact us again until May of 2017. She took her time with this decision and weighed her options out. We never wanted to pressure her. We just offered her our care and support if she needed it. We couldn't be more thankful for her for taking her time with this decision! Julian is the light of Tyler and Ozzy's lives. Congratulations to this new family!

  • Baby boy Mason Jay

    Congratulations to Mark & Thanh!

    Having adopted from LifeLong the first time nearly three years ago, Mark and Thanh knew to plan for a process that could take time. Much to their surprise, 16 months after their profile was completed, they were chosen by a birthmother! The match happened rather quickly, and Mark and Thanh had roughly three weeks to prepare for the arrival of their son. Mason Jay was born on August 4, 2017, and their birthmother made the brave and selfless decision to place Mason with Mark and Thanh. We are grateful for birthmothers that consider adoption and thankful to Mark and Thanh for opening their home and hearts to a beautiful little boy. His big sister is just loving taking on this new role with her new sibling!

  • Baby girl Thea Deanna

    Congratulations to Nick & Mike!

    We are so excited to announce that Nick and Mike were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Little Thea Deanna came into their lives after just 14 months of waiting. She was born on July 26, 2017, and was immediately welcomed into the world by her new parents! Before Thea's birth, Nick and Mike made a visit out to Texas to meet their amazing birthmom, Savannah. The LifeLong family is so truly happy for this new family and we hope they have many amazing memories together! Thank you so much to Savannah for making such a brave and courageous choice to help Nick and Mike grow their family with a new bundle of joy!

  • Baby boy Braeden Amir

    Congratulations to Charles & Davian!

    Congratulations to Charles and Davian who adopted their handsome son, Braeden Amir in five short months! Braeden was born on July 22, 2017, in Pennsylvania, and Charles and Davian flew across the country to meet their son! They made it a point to put Braeden's birth parents, Cassie and Tre'rese, first and be there for them during this emotional time. They showed such care, and love towards Braeden's birth parents and we couldn't appreciate that more! They built a relationship, Facetime'ed, texted, and met face to face over the course of the four months during their connection. They built a beautiful foundation with one another! Shockingly, Charles and Davian's profile was only shown three times before they were chosen! This goes to show that everything works out the way it's supposed to and fate always has its course! We are wishing you all a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Baby boy Gryffin

    Congratulations to Olivia & Jessie!

    It was a long journey for Olivia and Jessie who went through several failed matches along the way, but they always kept a positive attitude. When their incredible birthmother, Shannon, contacted LifeLong in April of 2017, stating she was expecting a baby in July, there were some questions and uncertainties on all ends. But when Olivia, Jessie, and Shannon started communicating, they hit it off immediately! With similar likes, interests, personalities, and goals, they created a bond that is very special. They continued to talk over the course of the next few months. Olivia and Jessie even invited Shannon out to their home state where she could see where her son would be raised. A few weeks later, Olivia and Jessie headed out to South Carolina to see Shannon's neck of the woods! They built a very trusting relationship, which is key to any adoption. On July 19, 2017, their lives were changed forever! Little Gryffin entered this world and was as beautiful as ever. Gryffin is one lucky little boy to have all of you in his life! We cannot commend Shannon enough for her bravery and willingness to put herself last and do all that she could for her son. Olivia and Jessie adopted in 24 months, and the wait is finally over. We cannot be happier. Congratulations Olivia and Jessie!

  • Baby girl Zoey

    Congratulations to John & Harry!

    John and Harry adopted a wonderful baby girl, Zoey, on July 3, 2017. Zoey entered this world and immediately stole the hearts of her new parents. We admire the strength and courage of Zoey's birthmother, Ashley, in choosing adoption and the beautiful relationship all of them created during this journey! We cannot thank her enough for making this family's dream come true. John and Harry adopted in 14 months and we are so glad they did! Wishing this family the very best!