recent adoptions

  • Baby girl Bodhi Kate

    Congratulations to Kaydian & Nandini!

    It was a long road for Kaydian and Nandini, who went through several failed matches during their adoption journey. All along the way, they always held on to that little bit of hope that "everything will work out the way it's supposed to." They were feeling down on their luck when a last-minute situation changed it all. To say that their journey was roses and rainbows would not necessarily be accurate, but once they laid eyes on their daughter, it all changed for the better. Little Bodhi Kate was born on May 12, 2017, and their lives were changed forever! Seeing everything this sweet couple went through and knowing their lifelong dream to be mothers has come true brings so much joy to us. Bodhi is one lucky little girl! Her birth parents were so confident in their decision and remained strong when others were against them. We cannot commend them enough for their bravery and willingness to put themselves last and do all they could for their daughter. A beautiful relationship has blossomed between these four in such a short amount of time. The wait is finally over, and we cannot be happier. Congratulations Kaydian and Nandini!

  • Baby girl Avery Jane

    Congratulations to Heather!

    Birthmother Sarah admitted she was considering adoption prior to contacting LifeLong in early December. LifeLong helped her pick from various family profiles and she felt confident in having Heather adopt her baby girl. Over the course of the next six months, they built a beautiful relationship. Heather visited Sarah prior to the birth and headed to Kentucky days prior to wait for the arrival of Avery Jane. Avery was born on June 24, 2017, as healthy as could be! She was able to spend her first hours in the world surrounded by the love of her birthmom and adoptive mom. Heather adopted in 12 months. From all of us here at LifeLong, we wish Heather, Sarah, and Avery nothing but love and happiness! Congratulations!

  • Baby girl Kaley May

    Congratulations to Kristin!

    During Kristin's adoption journey, she had a few ups and downs, but she always had a positive outlook on everything. She waited a grueling two months for things to become final, and she showed nothing but poise, trust in the process, and gratitude to her amazing birthmother, Tierra, who gave her the most selfless gift anyone can get and give. Kristin and Tierra connected instantly, developing an incredible bond. LifeLong is so excited for Kristin, who traveled to Tennessee to meet her new daughter, Kaley May. She was born early on April 11, 2017, but as healthy and beautiful as can be! Tierra is equally as excited for Kristin and the two will have a lifelong friendship. Despite the trials and tribulations Kristin endured along the adoption journey, completing her family through adoption will always be worth it! The strength that Tierra and Kristin both shared is so admirable. Congratulations Kristin, the wait is finally over! Kristin adopted in 23 months.

  • Baby girl Urban Dawn

    Congratulations to Mindy & Angie!

    With some trials and tribulations for Mindy and Angie, one thing that showed through during their adoption journey was poise. Along the way, four different birthmothers wanted to have contact with them, but all four times they were let down when things did not work out. Then their beautiful birth parents contacted LifeLong in January of 2017, and said they wanted to start talking with Mindy and Angie. During the course of the next six months, both families built something we don't see in every case we work. They formed a true friendship and extended family with one another while keeping the same goal in mind: build a beautiful life for their baby girl, Urban Dawn. Urban was born on June 11, 2017, and Mindy and Angie were there with their birth parents every step of the way during the delivery and birth. Urban was welcomed not only by her new mommies, but her amazing birth parents, too. The time the families spent together before and after Urban's arrival is something we're sure will be some of their greatest memories. We're appreciative and grateful for Mindy's and Angie's understanding of the adoption process, patience during the waiting period, and keeping a positive outlook during the hardest times. We are overjoyed their birth parents found us and we cannot commend them more for showing such strength, determination, and selflessness in doing what was best for Urban, and putting themselves last to do all they could for her. Good things really do come to those who wait, and we wish you ALL a lifetime of love and happiness! Congratulations!!!

  • Baby girl Maya Kay

    Congratulations to Kristen & Kendra!

    Twice as nice! Nine months into their second adoption with LifeLong, Kristen and Kendra were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Maya Kay. We are so excited you were able to build your growing family through adoption, and that we could play a role in that. When their birthmother, Joyce, called to say she was going to the hospital and believed she was in labor, Kristen and Kendra were off to D.C., and Maya Kay was born on June 9, 2017. Congratulations to this beautiful family. We wish you nothing but happiness, joy, and love with your angels!

  • Baby girl Annika Marie

    Congratulations to Drew & Asim!

    A big congratulations to parents Drew and Asim on adopting their daughter! Drew and Asim spent the last three months of their birthmother's pregnancy supporting her throughout the adoption process. Annika Marie was born on June 8, 2017, and is already so loved by Drew's and Asim's families! Their birthmom, Kristina, has been such a blessing to them and their new family and we couldn't thank her enough for her strength, courage, and selflessness during this journey. Congratulations again, Drew and Asim! They adopted in nine months.

  • Baby girl Charlotte Katherine Rose

    Congratulations to Amber!

    Wow! That's all we can say about the match that Amber and birthmom Judy went through. In just six short months Amber was welcoming her beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Katherine Rose, into this world on the 1st of June. The instant we connected Judy and Amber, it was apparent they were meant to be with each other. Amber showed nothing but patience, understanding, love, and compassion toward Judy, who was in a very vulnerable and, at times, difficult situation. Judy showed nothing but confidence, gratitude, and appreciation for everything Amber did for her during the three months they were going through this process together. Charlotte is so lucky to have such an open-minded, protective, and loving new mommy and birthmother. Thank you all for being so wonderful and amazing to work with. We cannot congratulate you enough!

  • Baby girl Olivia Louise

    Congratulations to Travis & Barron!

    In just 13 short months, Travis and Barron were off to Indiana to meet their baby girl, Olivia Louise, for the first time! Olivia was born on May 20, 2017, and her amazing birthmother, Kea, gave Travis and Barron the most gracious gift of all! Only seven months into their adoption journey, Travis and Barron got the call that would change it all! There were a few ups and downs along the way where she was not sure of her decision, but a few months later grew confident that Travis and Barron were the parents for little Olivia. They built a wonderful relationship with their birthmother, who was strong and amazing through the entire process. We are so happy for this incredible couple and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations!

  • Baby boy Zane Danzig

    Congratulations to Nick & Jena!

    Nick and Jena adopted a wonderful baby boy, Zane, on May 7, 2017. Zane entered this world and immediately stole the hearts of his new parents. We admire the strength and courage of their birthmother, Kristina, in choosing adoption! We cannot thank her enough for making this family's dream come true. Nick and Jena adopted in seven short months and we are so glad they did! Wishing this family the very best!

  • It&s a girl!

    Baby girl Ellie Pearl

    Congratulations to Marc & Justine!

    It took Marc and Justine a few matches that didn't work out to lead them to their sweet baby girl, Ellie! Ellie Pearl was born on December 16, 2016, and Marc and Justine had only a few hours to head out to Colorado, where their amazing birthmom, Alicia, gave birth. In nine short months, they were meeting their daughter for the first time and the look of gratitude and love was written all over their faces. The brave birthparents, Alicia and Corey, made Marc and Justine's journey to parenthood come true and we will forever thank them for this selfless gift. We know that the relationship between them all will be one that will last a lifetime! Congratulations again!

  • Baby boy Christopher Aiden

    Congratulations to Marcel & Jose!

    A big congratulations to Marcel and Jose on adopting their son! In just four short months, Marcel and Jose were holding their new baby boy, Christopher Aiden, who was born on April 23, 2017. Their birthmom Kelly has been such a blessing to them and their new family and we couldn't thank Kelly enough for her strength, courage, and selflessness during this journey. She put her faith and trust in all of us, and we are excited to know that a friendship has developed between them. Congrats again, Marcel and Jose!

  • Baby twins Lillian Grace & Liam Oliver

    Congratulations to Jim & Michael!

    Twice as nice as they say! Jim and Michael adopted their adorable twins in just 14 months! Lillian Grace and Liam Oliver were born on April 7, 2017, in Kentucky, and were healthy and strong! Just like their birthmother, Sarah. Jim, Michael, and Sarah have developed a relationship as such that they each have gained a lifelong family member and friend in one another. They visited a few times before Lily and Liam were born, spending time with and getting to know one another. Seeing their relationship blossom to what it is now is nothing short of amazing. We cannot be more thankful for Sarah for giving them the TWO most beautiful gifts anyone can ever receive. Congratulations to this new family!!