recent adoptions

  • It&s a girl!

    Baby girl Ellie Pearl

    Congratulations to Marc & Justine!

    It took Marc and Justine a few matches that didn't work out to lead them to their sweet baby girl, Ellie! Ellie Pearl was born on December 16, 2016, and Marc and Justine had only a few hours to head out to Colorado, where their amazing birthmom, Alicia, gave birth. In nine short months, they were meeting their daughter for the first time and the look of gratitude and love was written all over their faces. The brave birthparents, Alicia and Corey, made Marc and Justine's journey to parenthood come true and we will forever thank them for this selfless gift. We know that the relationship between them all will be one that will last a lifetime! Congratulations again!

  • Baby boy Christopher Aiden

    Congratulations to Marcel & Jose!

    A big congratulations to Marcel and Jose on adopting their son! In just four short months, Marcel and Jose were holding their new baby boy, Christopher Aiden, who was born on April 23, 2017. Their birthmom Kelly has been such a blessing to them and their new family and we couldn't thank Kelly enough for her strength, courage, and selflessness during this journey. She put her faith and trust in all of us, and we are excited to know that a friendship has developed between them. Congrats again, Marcel and Jose!

  • Baby twins Lillian Grace & Liam Oliver

    Congratulations to Jim & Michael!

    Twice as nice as they say! Jim and Michael adopted their adorable twins in just 14 months! Lillian Grace and Liam Oliver were born on April 7, 2017, in Kentucky, and were healthy and strong! Just like their birthmother, Sarah. Jim, Michael, and Sarah have developed a relationship as such that they each have gained a lifelong family member and friend in one another. They visited a few times before Lily and Liam were born, spending time with and getting to know one another. Seeing their relationship blossom to what it is now is nothing short of amazing. We cannot be more thankful for Sarah for giving them the TWO most beautiful gifts anyone can ever receive. Congratulations to this new family!!

  • Baby girl Hayden Grace

    Congratulations to Lucas & Nathan!

    Patience and understanding are two really great words we would use to describe Nathan and Lucas. They adopted in 23 months! They were connected with their birth parents, Ashley and Chris for a few weeks until their baby girl Hayden Grace was born on April 6, 2017. It was a tough decision for Ashley and Chris to come by, but finding the perfect family for them made their mind more at ease. Nathan and Lucas went to Nevada about two weeks before Hayden was born to hang out and wait for her arrival. They were patient in navigating this difficult time for the birth parents. They were understanding and not pushy when it came to communication and knew that everything would work out the way it's supposed to. And it did! We cannot be more excited for this deserving and incredible couple. We wish you all nothing but the very best!

  • Baby girl Olivia Ryan

    Congratulations to Maria & Victoria!

    Maria and Victoria had a devastating failed match before they were connected with their birthmother, Sonja. Sonja was only connected with Maria and Victoria for a few short days when we got the notification she was in labor. Maria and Victoria headed to Arkansas without hesitation and they met their daughter the following day! Sonja had placed for adoption with LifeLong once before and made this brave, strong, and courageous choice to do so again. Olivia Ryan was born on April 6, 2017, and was as beautiful as ever! With every obstacle Maria and Victoria faced, it all led them to their new baby girl. Sonja, your determination, and strength is something we all admire here and we cannot thank you enough for completing this family! You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We cannot be more excited for this amazing couple! Congratulations Maria and Victoria!

  • Baby girl Olivia

    Congratulations to Matt & Ian!

    What a whirlwind it was for Matt & Ian's adoption journey. Just when they almost gave up hope, their baby girl was born on March 26, 2017! Olivia was brought into this world by her brave and amazing birthmother, Charlotte. They created such a special and beautiful relationship with Charlotte and Charlotte's family. With a head full of beautiful dark hair, she was everything and more that Matt and Ian ever hoped for. Their long awaited miracle was finally here! With ups and downs along the way, they continued to fight to fulfill their dream of becoming daddies. Olivia is one lucky girl to have such great parents and we cannot thank Charlotte enough for making their dreams come true! Congratulations from our LifeLong Family to yours!

  • Baby boy Gabriel Michaelee

    Congratulations to Amanda & Jessica!

    Born on January 21, 2014, Gabe Michaelee was two years old when his amazing birthmother, Donna, called LifeLong Adoptions looking to place him. She instantly connected with Amanda and Jessica, who adopted Gabe after waiting 17 months! He quickly took to them, smiling and laughing with his new family. The bond they all created is nothing short of beautiful. With his playful personality and beautiful smile, he stole Amanda and Jessica's hearts almost instantly. We cannot be more excited and happy for this new family and can't wait to see Gabe continue to grow! May you all have a lifetime of love and happiness. Many congratulations to this LifeLong Family!!!

  • Baby girl Riley Lauren

    Congratulations to Randy & Ray!

    After patiently waiting for 23 months, Randy and Ray were heading home with their new baby girl, Riley Lauren. Riley was born on March 15, 2017, and her amazing birth parents let Randy and Ray be a part of their journey. They met several times before the birth, sharing stories, getting lunch, building an amazing relationship, and attending doctor appointments with Mindy and Joe. Randy and Ray were respectful of Mindy and Joe's wishes on taking baby Riley home with her for a few days after discharging from the hospital. The strength, trust, and bond that they all shared and will continue to share is nothing short of amazing. We cannot thank Randy and Ray enough for respecting Mindy and Joe's wishes and we certainly cannot praise Mindy and Joe enough for being so incredibly strong for choosing this decision. You have made this family complete and we cannot be more happy for you all! Congratulations Randy and Ray!!

  • Baby Hudson Bennette

    Congratulations to Gina!

    Gina, we cannot be more excited for you! Gina adopted her son, Hudson Bennette, in 18 months. It was a long and enduring road for Gina, who was getting closer to her expiration date. She had a few birthmothers contact her, but things didn't work out. It only led her to her new son! Gina always remained hopeful and always would tell us there was a plan for her that she could not control, and was excited for when her time came. Just when she thought she was down on her luck, an incredibly brave birthmother, Yohori, called LifeLong from the hospital looking to place her son for adoption. She chose Gina and Gina was out to Georgia right away! Hudson was born on March 2, 2017, and we cannot admire Yohori's strength enough for making Gina's dreams of motherhood come true. If there is a message Gina would want to tell waiting families, it is, "Never lose hope, and trust the process." Congratulations, Gina!!

  • Baby boy Langston

    Congratulations to Kate!

    Kate endured some tragedy during her adoption journey, so this is a successful adoption we are very excited and grateful about! Langston was born on March 1, 2017, and Kate was heading out to Michigan to meet her new son! Dawnika, Langston's birthmother, and Kate were connected for two months, and Kate always remained supportive of Dawnika throughout their connection. While there were some ups and downs, Dawnika remained so strong and committed to her adoption plan. We cannot commend Dawnika enough in making Kate's dreams of motherhood come true. We will forever be thankful for her. Congrats to Kate, Langston is one lucky boy!

  • Baby boy Kai

    Congratulations to Robert & Corey!

    The wait is finally over! Corey and Robert's baby boy, Kai, was born on March 1, 2017, and they were on their way to the hospital in an instant. Their amazing birthmother, Jadzia, gave them the most selfless gift anyone can get. Corey and Robert were always very patient throughout the process, although it was emotional at times, it outweighed the wait of 21 months. They are now new daddies to a beautiful baby boy! We are incredibly happy to have been a part of your journey and seeing your dreams of parenthood come true. Wishing you all the very best! Congratulations!

  • Baby boy Liam Michael

    Congratulations to Anthony & Steven!

    LifeLong Adoptions is excited to announce the birth of Liam Michael. Liam was born on February 27, 2017, to proud new daddies, Anthony and Steven. Anthony and Steven's dream of becoming parents came true after 19 months of waiting. Although they went through some difficult let downs, their spirit was not broken. Their incredible birthmother, Whitney, helped them make their dream come true and we will forever be grateful for her. Congratulations to this new family — Liam is one lucky little guy!