recent adoptions

  • Baby girl Grace Priscilla

    Congratulations to Greg & Ray!

    Seven months into their adoption journey, Greg and Ray were bringing home their baby girl Grace Priscilla from Texas. Grace was born on February 27, 2017, and her daddies' hearts grew the moment they saw here. They were such a remarkable support for their birthmother, Brandi, who wanted to start talking to Greg and Ray back in October. They were connected for four months and created a beautiful relationship that will last a lifetime. Congrats Greg and Ray!!

  • Baby girl Marcella Mabel

    Congratulations to Carrie & Tracy!

    Second time's the charm for Carrie and Tracy! Marcella Mabel was born on February 21, 2017. They adopted from us back in 2015, and we are so happy their family is growing through this beautiful world of adoption! They had an amazing relationship with their birthmother, Jennifer, and we cannot thank Jennifer enough for helping Carrie and Tracy add to their family. Congratulations to this amazing couple!! They adopted in a quick four months!

  • Baby girl Presley Emma

    Congratulations to David & Gary!

    Tough times don't last, but tough people do! David and Gary had a 23-month adoption journey, and while it had its times of trials and tribulations and up's and down's, they always hung in there. The joy at the end was all worth it. They knew their time was right when they were connected with their amazing birthmother, Emily. Emily delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl, Presley, on February 18, 2017. David and Gary visited Missouri before the birth to spend time with their birthmother and her grandmother. Emily had such an amazing support system in David and Gary, along with her grandma. We are so happy that she had the love and support of everyone around her in making such a big decision. They all have gained extended family through this process and we were amazed to see how beautiful their story was. We could not be happier for this couple and we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Baby boy Micah Robert

    Congratulations to Megan & Aniq!

    Congrats to Megan and Aniq! Micah Robert was born on February 16, 2017. Megan and Aniq were matched with their sweet birthmother, Jade, for about three weeks until their new baby boy arrived! Although they didn't have too much time to get prepared for the arrival of their son, they had everything set and ready to go due to a past failed match. They always remained calm and patient and trusted the process of adoption. They assured the birthmother that they were ready to go, and were so supportive throughout the process with Jade! The bond and caring love they showed towards Jade in such a short amount of time was beautiful. Congratulations again to this couple! Megan and Aniq adopted in eight months.

  • Baby girl Olivia Grace

    Congratulations to Nichole & Kim!

    Nichole and Kim adopted a wonderful baby girl, Olivia, on February 9, 2017. Olivia entered this world and immediately stole the hearts of her new mommies. We admire their birthmother, Shandra's, strength and courage in choosing adoption! We cannot thank her enough for making this family's dream come true. Nichole and Kim adopted in eight short months, but had a few difficult situations that didn't work out, before they found their incredible birthmother. They never lost faith, and remained patient and hopeful. We are so glad they did! Wishing this family the very best!

  • Baby girl Kenzie

    Congratulations to Jill & Brie!

    From the initial conversation Jill and Brie had with their awesome birthmother, Bess, they had an instant and beautiful bond! In an incredible three months, Jill and Brie were heading across the country to get their baby daughter, Kenzie, from Virginia. Kenzie was born on February 8, 2017. In such a short amount of time, they gained a beautiful friend and built an incredible relationship with their birth parents. We cannot express enough how incredibly grateful and happy we are for everyone involved! Congratulations!!

  • Baby girl Vienna Kay

    Congratulations to Bill & Mike!

    After a few situations that didn't work out, Bill and Mike did not lose hope. On January 18, 2017, Vienna Kay was born, and Bill and Mike's lives have been forever changed! They built a wonderful relationship with their birth parents, Jessica and Dan, in a short period of time. Bill and Mike were respectful and understanding of their birth parents' wishes along the way. We are so thankful for Vienna's birthparents for this selfless act, another family has had their dreams come true. The LifeLong Family is grateful that Bill and Mike did not lose hope in the process and continued to trust that their baby was out there! Congratulations to Bill, Mike, and Vienna!

  • Baby boy Patrizio

    Congratulations to Zoraya & Luis!

    Welcome to the world, Patrizio! Birthmother, Selena was quick to make a connection with Zoraya and Luis back in December. As the due date got closer, there was a change of heart and Selena decided to parent with the help of family. Although disappointed, Zoraya and Luis wished them the best and moved on. On January 17, 2017, a phone call from LifeLong changed everything, once again. Baby Patrizio was born! The birthmother had decided adoption was the best option after all. Already having a relationship with Zoraya and Luis, the decision was obvious to Selena as to who to call. Thank you for your patience, Zoraya and Luis! Thank you, also, to Selena for the gift that the family will be eternally grateful for...Patrizio! Zoraya and Luis adopted in an incredible three months!

  • Baby girl Zoe Marie

    Congratulations to Kami & Cherie!

    After being matched with a birthmother for five months, Kami and Cherie were meeting their new daughter, Zoe Marie. Zoe Marie was born in Alabama on September 19, 2016. Their incredibly amazing birthmother, Emily, brought their bundle of joy into this world, happy, healthy, and already loved so much! Kami and Cherie adopted in 11 short months, and they are over the moon in love with their little girl who stole their hearts the second she came into this world. With some unknowns throughout their adoption journey, Kami and Cherie put their faith and trust into their birthmother, and utilized their adoption social workers, attorneys, and LifeLong to guide them throughout their journey. We couldn't be more happy for this wonderful couple. We wish you all the very best in this new chapter of your lives!

  • Baby girl Piper

    Congratulations to Tracey & Renee!

    We are so excited to announce that Tracey and Renee were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Little Piper came into their lives after just 10 months of waiting. She was born on January 4th, 2017, and what a great way to start the year off! She was immediately welcomed into the world by her new parents! They made a visit out to Oklahoma before Piper's birth to meet their amazing birthmom and her family. They developed a beautiful forever bond. The LifeLong family is so truly happy for this new family and we hope that they have many amazing memories together! Thanks to their birthmother Alicia, on making such a brave and courageous choice to help Tracey and Renee grow their family with a new bundle of joy!

  • Baby girl Alivia Caroline

    Congratulations to Robert & Shaun!

    LifeLong ended 2016 with great news! We want to wish a big congratulations to Robert and Shaun in adopting their daughter in 17 months! Robert and Shaun were on their way to Kentucky to meet their daughter, Alivia, for the first time. Alivia was born on December 21, 2016! Birthmom Krystyn has been such a blessing to Robert and Shaun and we couldn't thank her enough for her strength, courage, and selflessness during this journey. She put her faith and trust in all of us, and we are excited to know that a friendship has developed between them. Congrats again!

  • Baby boy Austin Craig

    Congratulations to Patrick & Chris!

    Precious Austin was born to Patrick and Chris on December 6, 2016. From their first visit with their birthmother Ashley, there was an instant connection and bond between them all. They were matched with Ashley for about five months, and they were by her side since their initial phone call from us and through the entire pregnancy! We are all so thankful for Ashley for giving them this incredible gift. Patrick and Chris successfully adopted in 11 months. Congrats to this sweet couple!