Mark & Jeremy

Mark and Jeremy our adoption story

Adoption was a big part of our life. We had discussed adopting several times as we were eager to have a family. But it seemed that we did nothing but talk about it and not act on it. We always felt that it was just something that was not affordable or achievable for a homosexual couple. In October, we finally got on the internet and researched agencies that would work with a gay couple. Several agencies came up, but none had pictures or stories of gay couples that had successfully adopted until we ran across LifeLong Adoptions. LifeLong was the only one that seemed affordable and was backed with nothing but positive reviews by the BBB. We were very nervous about making the large step of submitting the application for information. LifeLong contacted us the next day offering their assistance and guidance. They made us feel so much more at ease over the process with how they had successfully helped other gay couples adopt. We processed the final document they needed that night and from there on the process was seamless. LifeLong took care of everything for us and spent countless hours on the phone with us ensuring that all our questions were answered and everything was taken care of.

We were chosen by our expectant mother within less than a week of signing up with LifeLong. Wow, were we shocked, and several others were also. All you hear is how long it takes to adopt, and none of the great stories of success. We spoke with the expectant mother the following week, guided by LifeLong. If there was a question about anything, they were there to make sure it was answered. LifeLong was very professional during the phone call and made it truly feel that it was solely between us and the birthmother. We made arrangements to meet the family in January. We took the family out to eat to have some personal time alone with the family. We discussed what part they were comfortable with us having during the delivery of the baby. The mom wanted us to be as much a part of the delivery as we wanted to, which put us at ease and made us feel even more special!

“Seeing Emma for the first time was the best feeling ever!”
-Mark & Jeremy

Unfortunately, Emma Kate was delivered early due to complications and we ended up missing the birth. The birthmother’s family contacted us to explain the change in plans and why, and we felt that the decision was best for both the baby and the birthmother. We drove straight through the evening and night from Dallas to Chattanooga to be there for Emma and the birthmother. Seeing Emma for the first time was the best feeling ever!

Adoption has truly changed both of our day-to-day lives, but we would not have it any other way. Emma brings so much joy and laughter to our home each day! LifeLong continued to maintain contact with us even after we were chosen by an expectant mother to still ensure we felt good with the decision. At no point did we feel we were being pressured, but more and more ok with the adoption process. We both have every intention of making the journey once again to adopt another baby in 18 months for Emma to have either a brother or sister to grow up with.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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