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Single and Hoping to Adopt? 7 Tips for Single Parent Adoption

Single Parent Adoption

When a single parent is raising a child, it may be considered a non-traditional family; however, the world needs families like these. These families often have unique and inspiring stories that can teach others more about strength, acceptance, and parenting in general. In the last 20 years, there has been a sizable increase in the number of single-parent adoptions, especially in adoptions of children with special needs. Despite all the benefits of single parent adoptions, the single person who wants to adopt often faces obstacles that are not relevant to most adoptive couples.

Single Parent Adoption Tips

The decision to adopt as a single parent involves a lot of decision-making and preparation. To help you out with the process, here are some tips specific to single-parent adoption.

  • Unfortunately, the traditional view of parenting — that every child needs two parents — is still prevalent in our society. You know you can provide a stable home for a child, their may be a friend or family member who does not approve of your choice. Be prepared for this possibility and how you will handle it.
  • It’s important to have support and others who can help you with your child. This is especially if you’re going to become a first-time parent. Try to form a support network of family and friends because there are going to be times when you’ll need someone’s help. That help may be just as simple as picking up your child from school when you're unexpectedly available, but it’s important to know there’s someone you can rely on.
  • As a single parent, it’s likely you’ll be a working parent. Decide what sort of child care arrangements you'll need to make when you go back to work after the adoption. Consider the hours you spend working and think about whether you can adjust your schedule to be with your child as much as possible. Also be sure you have a plan in place with how you'll finance your adoption in your current situation.
  • Read and research everything there is to find about single parent adoptions and the laws of your state. It’s better to be prepared before the process. Unfortunately, some agencies do not work with single parents hoping to adopt. When choosing an agency, make sure to ask questions about their statistics specific to single parent adoption. LifeLong Adoptions is proud to work with single parents and has had many successful single parent adoptions over the years.
  • Consider the different types of adoption. If you want to adopt as a single parent, you’ll need to determine which adoption type is the best for you, so better to explore every type and have you options open.
  • Adoptions usually involve waiting, and the process can be long. You’re not alone in this situation, there are many other single parents hoping to adopt a baby, so try to connect with others who are experiencing the same as you are.
  • If you’re turned down by an agency or a birthmother, view that experience as a learning opportunity. Sometimes it’s enough to believe in yourself and your decision and things just happen. Don’t let anyone to make you question your decision. All you want is a family, which is a normal and natural need.

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