You’re not alone. There is help for you here.

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming, but we want you to know that you're not alone.

Our team of caring coordinators are here for you and available 24/7. Call or text us anytime at 224-410-0522.
You can choose from a wide variety of loving adoptive families that are legally approved to adopt a baby.
You can get financial assistance for housing, food, maternity clothes, transportation, and other pregnancy needs.
We care about you and your safety. All of our services are 100% free, legal, safe, and confidential.

Adoption is YOUR Choice

Nothing compares to the love, bravery, and selflessness of a mother who chooses to bless a waiting family with the gift of her child. For this reason, we feel that every expectant parent — whatever choice they make — deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Our adoption coordinators will give you the support and information you need to decide whether adoption is right for you. This is entirely your choice, and we will respect whatever choice you make.

Download the FREE Ultimate Adoption Guide for Birthmothers

Our free guide covers everything you need to know when considering adoption for your baby. Get the answers to the following questions and so much more:

  • Is adoption the right choice for you?
  • Is financial assistance available?
  • What types of adoption are there?
  • How do I choose an adoptive family?
  • What happens after the adoption?

A Birthmother’s Story

Maryellen made the courageous choice to place her son with a loving adoptive family through LifeLong Adoptions.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for blessing me with two great dads for my daughter. I’ve had the best experience. I never expected this to be such a true blessing for me. I was so nervous and scared. I’m glad I made the choice to visit your website and found these two great men! Thanks LifeLong for blessing me with such a great adoption journey.”
Sharon, LifeLong Adoptions Birthmother
“LifeLong truly helped us make this choice and feel good about it. I just wish more people struggling with this decision could find LifeLong. They will feel such relief and know that whatever their decision is is the right one for them. Thank you so much for all your love and support!”
Catherine & Tom, LifeLong Adoptions Birth Parents
“I am a birthmom that has used LifeLong to place two of my children. LifeLong was really great. I got a lot of support and talking to them wasn't horrible. They didn't make me feel bad for not wanting to be the mom, they were really nice and respectful. If there are any other girls that are in a situation like I was in, they should give LifeLong a call because it was the best choice for me.”
Loretta, LifeLong Adoptions Birthmother

Free Assistance for Birthmothers

LifeLong Adoptions offers a safe, understanding, and non-judgmental space to explore adoption for your baby.

  • We care about you and your baby. Read your rights as a birthmother working with LifeLong Adoptions.
  • Our adoption coordinators are here to help you whenever you need it. Call, text, or live chat us anytime, day or night.
  • Get free support and financial assistance for pregnancy-related expenses before and after the adoption.
  • Look through unlimited adoptive family profiles to find the one you like best. All of our families are legally approved to adopt.
  • Choose whatever level of communication you want before and after the adoption, and get in-person visits if you wish.

What does adoption offer my baby?

If you’re not ready to be a parent, you can still plan for your baby’s future by choosing to place them with a stable and loving family. Adoption is one of the most honorable and selfless gifts you can give, not only for an adoptive family, but for your baby as well. Here are just a few things you could give your baby by choosing adoption.

A loving & devoted family
A safe and stable home life
A solid education
Quality health care
Financial security
A happy & fulfilling life

Make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your baby.

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