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Types of Adoption

Types of Adoption

There are three main types of adoption that shape the relationship and adoption process between expectant mothers and prospective parents. While both parties must understand the differences between each type, the expectant mother ultimately chooses the type of adoption that works best for her.

Open and Closed Adoptions: It’s a Mother’s Choice

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you have options. Before choosing an adoptive family for your baby, it’s a birthmother’s right to decide what type of adoption (open, semi-open, or closed) is right for you. This means that you decide the level of contact you are most comfortable with between the adoptive family, your baby, and yourself. Once a choice is made, our staff at LifeLong Adoptions presents expectant mothers with prospective parents and families interested in the same type of adoption.

Unsure of what type to choose? LifeLong Adoptions can help you make the best choice for you, your baby, and your baby’s future family.

What’s the Difference Between Open, Semi-Open, and Closed Adoption?

Each type of adoption affects the level of communication and openness between birthmothers and adoptive families. From absolutely no contact to visits between birth families and prospective parents, details on the type of adoption can be worked out when creating an adoption plan.

Open Adoption

Open adoption is the most common form of adoption in the United States. Open adoption involves ongoing contact between birth families and adoptive families before, during, and after delivery. While different levels of openness exist, there are some common forms of contact, including texts and calls. A fully open adoption involves visits between the birthmother, the adoptive parents, and the child. It also means that birthmothers can ask for the contact information of adoptive parents and reach out whenever they like. In many open adoptions, children can grow up knowing who their birthparents are and have semi-regular visits with them.

Semi-Open Adoption

Similar to an open adoption, a semi-open adoption includes contact between the birthmother and adoptive parents, though that contact is limited. In a semi-open adoption, arrangements involve the exchange of letters and pictures without the in-person contact. The children involved don’t normally have any direct contact with their birthparents, but adoptive parents can send updates as to the well-being, growth, and development of a birthmother’s adopted child.

Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, there is no ongoing contact between birth families and adoptive families. Closed adoptions are usually anonymous, meaning little to no identifying information is shared between families.

Which Type of Adoption is Best: Open, Semi-Open, or Closed?

While there are many opinions on this topic, at LifeLong Adoptions, we respect the decisions made by expectant mothers regarding the level of contact they want to have with their adopted infants. Our goal is to support everyone involved in the adoption process without judgment. Though we can’t directly influence the decision, our dedicated and caring staff can provide guidance and support as birthmothers navigate the adoption process.

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