• Justin & Randell

    Justin & Randell adoptive parents from Yelp

    “This agency may not be for everyone! I got to admit I was losing hope. The team there have been amazing! From Jodie to Chelsea to Nicole to Stephanie! They are there every step of the way and truly care that you are able to adopt! There is no rhyme or reason as to why a birthmom chooses you! I do know that by listening to them, they have made our dream a reality! If you feel something is not working then be proactive and have them help you! Good luck to those future adoptive parents and thank you LifeLong Adoptions!”

  • James & Brian

    James & Brian adoptive parents

    “After six months of interviewing various adoption agencies across the country, we settled on LifeLong Adoptions for a variety of reasons. The top reason was LifeLong’s relationship and bond they obviously have with the birthmothers. My partner and I wanted a baby of course...but we also wanted the person who was granting us this gift to be taken care of on a number of different levels. We wanted their questions answered by the best of the best, someone to go to when their emotions were running high. LifeLong offered that for these women. Secondly, we chose LifeLong for their honest candor and their commitment to communication. When we called, they called back. When we emailed, they emailed back. We were matched with a birthmother after only five months of signing up with LifeLong Adoptions. . . . LifeLong literally took care of everything. From the introductions with the birthmother, researching what attorney to use, and explaining the legal process, they did it all while holding our hands calmly, efficiently, and positively. It was an amazing experience. If it wasn’t for LifeLong Adoptions and the love they showed us throughout this entire process, we would not have the amazing daughter we have today.. . . read more

  • Tony & Veasna

    Tony & Veasna adoptive parents from Yelp

    “My husband and I started looking into adopting at the beginning of 2015, and we had a lot of questions. After doing some research, we located LifeLong Adoptions and asked for more information. We spoke to Jodie on the phone, who was so pleasant, friendly, and easy to talk to. They mailed us a packet with all the info we needed, then we set up a call with Mark Doyle regarding the whole process. We spoke for about an hour and afterwards we both felt great about LifeLong and wanted to move forward with them. After doing our background checks, fingerprints, submitting our forms, etc... we were finally set for adoption with a profile and everything in July 2015, and we were told to expect that we may have to wait a while, like one to two years. Only two months later, LifeLong called to tell us that someone had found out profile and wanted to talk to us. Not only were we not expecting it to only take two months to be matched, the birthmother was due in two weeks! Although this situation probably wouldn't have worked out for everyone, we decided we'd go for it, and did, and ten days later we were standing in a delivery room holding out newborn baby girl. For us, this agency was a perfect fit. They were friendly to deal with, sent monthly updates, and answered any questions that we had. If we decide to adopt another baby, we'll definitely give them a call again.. . . read more

  • Yissel

    Yissel adoptive parent

    “At first, I was somewhat skeptical, but immediately after my phone interview with Mark Doyle, I knew I was working with professionals that were dedicated to connecting families together. Mark did an outstanding job of making himself available for all of my questions, calls, and emails. My online profile went up right away. Then came the waiting period again. . . . Then one day, after only three months, I received the call from LifeLong informing me that I was matched with a birthmother. It was an unusual situation because the baby was coming within a few days. LifeLong was amazing at giving me all the details about the birthmother, guiding me step by step. I went from waiting and waiting… to rushing at the drop of a dime to witness my baby’s birth. . . . LifeLong Adoptions not only handled everything with an outstanding level of professionalism, they are all emotionally attached and dedicated to uniting family through the process of adoption. I will definitely work with Lifelong again in the future when it’s time for number two.. . . read more

  • Mark & Thanh

    Mark & Thanh adoptive parents from Yelp

    “Lifelong is helping to make dreams come true! In 2014, we were blessed with an angel. We were connected with her birthmother in less than a year. Our daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We hope to work with Lifelong again!”

  • Loretta birthmother from Yelp

    “I am a birthmom that has used LifeLong to place two of my children. LifeLong was really great. I got a lot of support and talking to them wasn't horrible. They didn't make me feel bad for not wanting to be the mom, they were really nice and respectful. If there are any other girls that are in a situation like I was in, they should give LifeLong a call because it was the best choice for me.”

  • Ryan & James

    Ryan & James adoptive parents

    “You ladies and the entire office did so much to help comfort us and assist in this process, we couldn't have made it through without you. Thank you a million times over. LifeLong Adoptions will be forever part of our baby’s journey and we couldn't be more thrilled to be in the LifeLong family.”

  • Adoptive Parent from Adoptive Families Circle

    “We were connected with our birthmother via LifeLong, leading to the adoption of our amazing babies. From the time our profile was first posted to the birth of our children, less than nine months passed. Throughout this time and since, LifeLong staff have been consistently available and highly supportive. Their involvement included providing both pragmatic assistance and emotional support in navigating various, unavoidable, case-specific difficulties along the road, as well as celebrating the birth of our babies and our subsequent homecoming. As time has passed, we remain in touch with LifeLong staff, who have become friends with a special reverence, given their unique role in our becoming a family.”

  • Diana, Greg & Hailey adoptive family

    “Thank you LifeLong for being the best agency ever! We brought our baby girl home 5 months after we signed up! She is such a miracle. We have recommended many people to your company and they have all been excited to find you. God Bless you for helping make dreams come true.”

  • Catherine & Tom birthparents

    “My boyfriend Tom and I found ourselves pregnant. LifeLong helped us make the decision to put our unborn baby up for adoption. I sat late at night on the internet and came across LifeLong’s website. I requested information and heard back almost right away. I was relieved to not have adoption pushed on me but it be my choice instead. We looked at many families and found one that stood out to us. We texted and spoke on the phone. They even came and met both of us and we spent a weekend together. LifeLong truly helped us make this choice and feel good about it. I just wish more people struggling with this decision could find LifeLong. They will feel such relief and know that whatever their decision is is the right one for them. Thank you so much for all your love and support!”

  • Reggie & Barry

    Reggie & Barry adoptive parents

    “From the very first conversation with LifeLong, we were impressed with the fact that they showed care and support for all parties in the adoption process. They build relationships with their birthmothers and ensure they stay healthy emotionally and physically. Ultimately, the true test is that we very quickly felt comfortable speaking with the staff, sharing our concerns, and sharing in the joys as we prepared, were matched, and after the birth of our daughter.”

  • Kristen & Emily

    Kristen & Emily adoptive parents

    “What we love most about LifeLong is their commitment to not only their prospective adoptive parents but to the birthmothers. They are an all-around compassionate team who are fully invested in their clients. They were so sensitive to our struggles leading up to finding them and handled us with kid gloves throughout the entire process. They told us who to call, where to go, and what to expect at every turn to make sure all our bases were covered, from the home study to the hotel where we waited to bring our baby home. They gave us office numbers, email addresses, and cell phone numbers so that we’d be able to contact them easily. Then they answered those cell phones when we called...every time we called, and believe me it was a lot! It took less than five months from our initial contact with LifeLong to be matched with a birthmother, and only ten days after that to hold our son for the first time! The entire process from start to finish went so smoothly due solely to the daily efforts of the LifeLong team. They make a commitment to you on day one and they follow through and then follow up. . . . LifeLong made it possible for us to find the baby that needed and wanted us as much as we needed and wanted him. So chances are if you’re looking into them now, the time is right for you. Give them a chance and they’ll do everything in their power to give you the family you were meant to have.. . . read more

  • Paul & Lauren

    Paul & Lauren adoptive parents from Yelp

    “We will be forever grateful to LifeLong for connecting us with our sons and providing such tremendous support throughout our journey.”

  • Danyel birthmother

    “I never imagined that I would be pregnant and making the decision to place my baby for adoption. LifeLong showed me so much support. They were there for me no matter what my ultimate decision was. I even got emails and texts just to check up on me and see how I was doing and if I needed anything. They helped me find the most amazing family for my son. I told them what I wanted in a family and they knew all their families and helped me find the perfect one without favoring anyone. I am now finishing college and both my son and I can live out all our dreams.”

  • Steph adoptive parent from Yelp

    “After an extensive review of facilitators, agencies and private attorneys in our state, my wife and I decided on LifeLong Adoptions to assist us with our adoption journey. I’m happy to report that we adopted our daughter thru LifeLong in less than one year! Adopting a child is typically not an easy process for anyone involved, but LifeLong was always by our side through all the ups and downs. Because of the staff's due diligence, we had a good understanding from the very beginning of what to expect. It was extremely important to us that our potential birthparents felt comforted and supported and we both really felt that the staff, particularly Jodie and Nicole, treated our birthmother respectfully and kindly. We learned along the way that while every family's adoption journey is different, having a professional, supportive and compassionate staff like the team at LifeLong makes a world of a difference. We are eternally grateful!. . . read more

  • Gary & Sue adoptive parents

    “Going into the adoption process we didn't know exactly what to expect, but LifeLong made our journey as easy as possible. Not only did they hold our hands throughout the process, they became our counselors, our advocates and our friends. They truly love what they do and makes what can be a stressful and scary situation completely joyful. We have the little boy that God meant for us to have and it wouldn't have happened without LifeLong’s help. If we could adopt 100 children, we would and we'd use LifeLong for all 100!”

  • Pam adoptive parent from Yelp

    “LifeLong Adoptions changed my life and the life of my new baby! They were with me every step of the way including calls after I came home with the baby to make sure we were ok. The adoption process is very emotional and stressful where each day seems like an eternity while you are waiting to be matched, but they were holding my hand through it all. The monthly emails telling me how many people viewed my profile and how many people my profile packet went out to made me know they were always working to help me find my forever baby. Along with their compassion came professionalism. All the T's were crossed and I's dotted between them and the lawyer while I was having every emotion in the world waiting for my wonderful baby. They made sure everything was done legally and swiftly so that I could focus on the new miracle in my life. I will use them for my next adoption and would recommend them highly!. . . read more

  • Carissa birthmother

    “LifeLong has been amazing since the first phone call! I called several other services and they put me off right away. The rude questions, and unfriendly personalities. LifeLong was like a breath of fresh air. What struck me immediately was the kindness and caring the staff showed. I was treated like a person and not a host carrying a child for someone else. All my initial questions were answered in the first two phone calls and many more over text and emails. Texts, emails and calls were immediately returned. LifeLong was there for the entire journey. I can’t say enough great things about them.”

  • Rick & Daniel

    Rick & Daniel adoptive parents from Yelp

    “If you are searching for a facilitator who wants you to succeed and cares about your family, LifeLong is for you. We have recommended them to all of our friends who have shown any sign of wanting to adopt. The fees were 1/3 of what an adoption agency would have charged us and the placement time was so fast. It of course is stressful waiting and making this choice is never easy but LifeLong was with us to help in any way they could. Thanks again.”

  • Tim & Melissa adoptive parents

    “LifeLong Adoptions gave my husband and I the precious gift of becoming parents! They are exceptional at what they do and we couldn't be happier about our experience with them. They went above and beyond to help us in the adoption of our daughter and we are eternally grateful. LifeLong’s team not only navigates the choppy waters of adoption but are deeply committed to the well-being of each and every child they place in a forever family. Every family they build is remembered with love.”

  • RC adoptive parent from Yelp

    “I worked with Mark and the team at LifeLong for the past year and went through all the emotions that a couple can expect when adopting. The one difference, we were never alone working with this team. The communication was amazing, and we had an explanation of every element in the process from the initial call to the moment we realized that a birthmother had selected us. There was complete transparency of information and contracts and no hidden agenda. . . . The candid dialogue and integrity displayed by LifeLong was more than we could have ever asked for. Thank you to Mark and the entire team.”

  • Mark, Stephanie & Ryan adoptive family

    “Our dream came true through LifeLong Adoptions because we now have a little baby boy that we wanted since we got married. Life had other obstacles planned for us and we went through years of infertility and heartache. Working with the ladies at LifeLong made me feel I was not alone. They have been through my pain and they listened!! They help us step by step from the first phone call, where to get a home study, creating our profile, talking with a birthmother for the first time, and of course what to do when our BM went into labor. They shared in our joy of bringing home our baby. Our journey was their journey also and they shared in our joy of bring our baby home.”

  • Sharon birthmother

    “I just wanted to say thank you so much for blessing me with two great dads for my daughter. I’ve had the best experience. I never expected this to be such a true blessing for me. I was so nervous and scared. I’m glad I made the choice to visit your website and found these two great men! Thanks Lifelong for blessing me with such a great adoption journey — and I do mean GREAT!”

  • Adoptive Parent from Adoptive Families Circle

    “My husband and I adopted through LifeLong and must say that our experience was extremely positive. While, yes, it’s a lot of money upfront, they are VERY good with all forms of communication throughout the entire process and made everything incredibly smooth for us. From the time we joined and our page went up, it was nine months until we were holding our son in our arms. There were many ups and downs having to do with the hospital and family situation and everyone at LifeLong was there to listen, help and advise through it all. I couldn’t be happier with our experience.”

  • Adoptive Parent from Adoption.com

    “We had a great overall experience with LifeLong Adoptions and we also would choose Mark over anybody to work with as he is so attentive to your needs and responds very quickly even if it's the weekend or late at nights. We really feel Mark knows his stuff and basically held our hand every step of the way. This was our first experience with adoption and we were nervous about writing a check that large not knowing what to expect! In my opinion, LifeLong is small enough that they can spend more time on both the prospective adoptive parents and can also filter out potential birthmoms to make a great connection between the two. They also seem to spend a great deal towards marketing, including the internet search engines out there...this is very good as many birthmoms are looking online we have learned. . . . LifeLong really brought us a great set of birthparents, and at the hospital we were able to be a part of the entire process from labor till three days later when we got to leave. Even when returning we still worked with Mark to complete all the loose ends. Overall, we feel very blessed to have gotten to know the LifeLong staff, especially Mark. Again we were very pleased with the entire process and especially the outcome. I hope this helps anyone looking at possible agencies for same-sex couples looking to adopt.. . . read more

  • Rissy birthmother from Yelp

    “LifeLong has been amazing from the first phone call. I called several other services and they put me off right away. The rude questions, demanding ID and proof of pregnancy, etc. LifeLong was like a breath of fresh air. What struck me immediately was the kindness and caring they showed. I was treated like a person and not a host carrying a child for someone else. All of my initial questions were answered in the first two phone calls and many more over text and email. Texts, emails and calls were immediately returned. . . . I can't say enough great things about them. If you are looking for a personal relationship and knowledgeable professionals this is the place for you!”

  • Dacotah adoptive parent from Yelp

    “I spoke with Mark from LifeLong Adoptions and his personal story of going through the adoption process brought me great comfort. After researching many agencies and talking with many people I decided to go with LifeLong Adoptions. They clearly and accurately laid out the process and I felt I could call them at any time if I had a question. They let me know their average adoption wait time (which from viewing the website and seeing waiting parents profiles turn into "connected" and "adopted" I found to be accurate), but they never promised anything. I am a single person so I assumed it would take me longer to match. I was connected to a wonderful birthmom and birthdad. They both spoke highly of LifeLong Adoptions too. I successfully adopted my son a little over a year after signing the contract with LifeLong Adoptions. The staff at LifeLong answered every question I had in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend them.. . . read more