1. Lifelong Adoptions Families App
    Lifelong Adoptions Families App

    We created our new mobile app specifically for expectant mothers to provide them with another way to explore adoption information, communicate with a birthmother coordinator, and review family profiles. We’re excited to offer our expectant mothers this new tool to find the perfect family for them.

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  2. LifeLong Adoption Family Reunion

    On Saturday, April 29th, 2017, LifeLong Adoptions was thrilled to host our very first Family Reunion Event in Dallas, Texas!

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  3. Adoptive Parents

    In November we celebrate National Adoption Awareness month at LifeLong Adoptions as well as being active proponents of the adoption cause.

    Through the lens of our adoptive children, how do they see our love? On any given day there are 415,000 children that are without homes and are provided for by social services alone in the United States. We are afforded every freedom to define our own individual perspective in this country, but is there any room to deny those children their voice?If we are truly empathizing with them, are we listening to their longing for permanence?

    Institutional love of a child based on creed, race, or gender identity is consequential to a progressive society. Instead, we should consider their basic needs for forever homes and the security of a family to their overall development. In November we ignore conventions and celebrate the home, structure, opportunities, provisions and permanence that households of all variations can afford those 415,000 children. #ElevateAdoption

  4. It is estimated that about 2 million LGBT adults in the United States are interested in adoption. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are still so many adoption agencies and organizations that reject hopeful parents because of their sexual orientation, married status, religious beliefs, and a host of other reasons.

    Unfortunately, this negativity and exclusion also extends to the children in the adoption world. There are a large number of LGBTQ children currently in the foster care system, abandoned by their families because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Many adoption agencies and organizations simply do not have the proper knowledge and skills to give these children the services they need.

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  5. Caleb and his Two Daddies

    LifeLong baby boy Caleb is looking for support for his dad, Rickie, along with his biological dad on this amazing journey! 

    From Caleb's dad Rickie:

    I am riding for the 2nd time for AIDS/Lifecycle, an organization based in California for the LGBTQ Centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with an emphasis on education, awareness, and treatment of the AIDS Epidemic and treatment options as well as research for a cure that is constantly making strides toward an END TO AIDS.

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