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Considering Transracial Adoption

There are many reasons why parents chose to adopt a child of a different race or ethnicity when undertaking a domestic adoption or infant adoption. One of the most prevalent reasons impacting infant adoption is the availability of caucasian babies placed for adoption in the USA. This is compounded with the fact that many adoption agencies will not place caucansian children with single parents or parents over 40. Some parents may also have a connection with a race through ancestry or personal experiences. Other families simply don’t care about the race or ethnicity of their child. They simply want to show a child in need the love it deserves. 

Before considering the domestic adoption of a child of a different race or ethnicity, you should consider the following points in the article below.


Consider your Beliefs and Attitudes
Before considering adopting outside of your race/ethnicity, you need to think about your beliefs and attitudes surrounding this. Consider any previous assumptions you may have made and be prepared to be seen as "different." When you adopt a child of another ethnicity or race, not only does the child look unique from the rest of your family, but they may feel that they don't fit in. Many families are comfortable with this and love celebrating differences but others may find themselves uncomfortable. 

Consider your Lifestyle
Before considering undertaking transracial/cultural adoption, you should inspect your current lifestyle and living situation. What is the demographic of your neighbourhood? Are there racial biases you might not want your child to experience? Is integrated schooling available? If you answer no to one or more of these questions, then you’ll need to consider if you’re open to moving to a new area or neighborhood. 

Do you have the time and are you willing to incorporate your child's ethnic heritage into your lives? Do you have friends of mixed races and cultures who visit regularly or will you make the time to visit cultural festivals? 

It’s really important for children of color who grow up with white parents to experience a variety of cultures and learn more about their own heritage. So if you struggle with this, then transracial adoption isn't right for you. 

Within transracial/cultural adoption, there is often the chance to adopt siblings, and the adoption of siblings will often be encouraged for the benefit of the children to stay together. This is emphasized because siblings are able to support one another and have the secure base of another person in the family who looks like they do. They also take with them their early history which can help them to feel secure in their personal timeline and may help them to adjust better. 

Therefore, when considering adopting a child outside of your race or ethnicity, you’ll need to consider the potential of opening your home up to two or three additions, not just one. Do you have the space for this or the time to care for multiple children? You’ll need to answer such questions to help you make the right decision.

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