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The Perks of an Open Adoption

If you are pregnant and considering placing your baby for adoption, your next step is to consider what type of adoption you would like to have. While some birthmothers and adoptive parents find it easier to follow through with a closed adoption, many choose open adoption, a process that allows room for the birthparents and adoptive parents to grow together.

Open adoption is now the most widely practiced form of adoption in the United States. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, find out why open adoption might be the right choice for you.

You Choose the Adoptive Parents

In an open adoption, the adoptive parents aren’t chosen for you. You, the birthmother, have the opportunity to sort through adoptive parent profiles and choose the family who you feel best represents your wants, dreams and hopes for your child. From traditional families, gay and lesbian couples and single parents, LifeLong Adoptions represents an array of adoptive families who are ready to provide a safe and loving home for your child.

You Get to Know the Adoptive Parents

Unlike a closed adoption which is completely anonymous between both birthparents and adoptive parents, an open adoption allows both parties to exchange identifying information. This includes the basics such as names, email addresses and phone numbers, but it also gives birthparents the opportunity to speak with adoptive parents before placement and get to know them better.

You Can Meet the Adoptive Parents

For many birthmothers, it is important that they meet the adoptive parents in person. In an open adoption, this is entirely possible and incredibly common. Meeting in person helps you establish a stronger connection with the adoptive parents, and get a true feel for who they are and how your child will fit into their lives. Nothing will help you more in finalizing your decision than speaking with them face-to-face. Depending on your comfort level, the adoptive parents can join you at doctor’s visits, be involved in the details of your pregnancy and even meet the rest of your family.

You Have Ongoing Contact

In an open adoption, finalizing the adoption is not the end of your relationship with your child, rather, it’s the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. In most open adoption situations, the adoptive parents will send the birthmother annual or bi-annual updates through letters, emails, pictures, phone calls and even visits. The amount of frequency and openness will be discussed between you, the adoptive parents and your adoption social worker before placement.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, an open adoption is a beneficial option for birthparents and adoptive parents alike. If you have questions about open adoption or the adoption process, LifeLong Adoptions is armed with a caring and professional staff to walk you through it.

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