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A Birthmother’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

One thing many women fear during pregnancy is that there may be unexpected complications; that is why taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally is of upmost importance throughout your pregnancy. Once a mother discovers she’s pregnant, her very next step is scheduling an appointment with her doctor.

For your protection, the staff at LifeLong Adoptions has compiled this guide to a healthy pregnancy.

Visit Your Doctor:

We thought this was worth mentioning twice. Good and early prenatal care is essential for you and your baby. Once discovering you are pregnant, contact your healthcare provider immediately to schedule your first prenatal visit. During this visit and those to follow, it is extremely important that you share any concerns, changes or questions about your health. Do your best not to miss appointments - you need them!

Take Prenatal Vitamins:

Ask your doctor about the importance of prenatal vitamins: how to take them, how much to take, and how they can improve your pregnancy.

Eat Well:

Many women see pregnancy as an opportunity to eat anything and everything. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. In fact, many pregnant women are surprised to discover they only need to take in an extra 300 calories per day! Practicing a healthy diet is important to the health of you and your baby. The right amount of protein along with meeting your calcium requirement is essential during pregnancy, and there are also certain foods pregnant women should avoid. Don’t stress! Your doctor will help you create a healthy diet plan.


How much and how often one should exercise are common questions among pregnant women. Should you exercise? Yes. The main thing to remember is that you should never overdo it! The amount of exercise that is right for you will depend on your activity level before your pregnancy. Ask your doctor about the benefits of exercising during pregnancy and how to create a routine that is right for you.

Get Lots of Rest:

Pregnant women need lots of rest. If you are a person with normally high energy levels, don’t be discouraged about the fatigue you may feel throughout your pregnancy. (Tip: the first and third trimesters are typically accompanied with more tiredness!) This is your body telling you to take it easy. Get as much rest as you can - and cherish this time when getting more sleep is a requirement!

Just Say No:

Do not smoke, drink or consume drugs. If you have any questions about what is okay and what is not, always run it by your healthcare provider. Our advice? When in doubt - just don’t do it. Consumption of these items can cause premature delivery, growth problems after birth and even miscarriage.

Participate in a Childbirth Class:

There is nothing wrong with a little preparation, right? A childbirth class helps expecting mothers understand the changes in her body and how to implement relaxation methods.

Staying healthy during pregnancy is not something to take lightly! For more information on a healthy pregnancy and placing a baby for adoption, contact LifeLong! Our adoption coordinators are always available to take your call.

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