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We love video! When it comes to adoption topics, Youtube is a great source of information for prospective birthmothers, hopeful adoptive parents, and adoptees. People involved in the adoption process share their stories to entertain and inspire others. Stories about adoption can motivate and inspire you, so we’ve prepared a list of a few great Youtube channels and videos that are therapeutic for birthmothers.

  • Placing a Child for Adoption - A Birth Mother’s Story is Tamara’s story about the beautiful story of her decision to place her son for adoption.
  • The Unconditional Love Of A Birth Mother is a story about the love of a birthmom. With transparency and courage, this birthmother unwraps her personal journey from pregnancy to choosing adoption for her son. A lot of birthmothers left comments how this video is so powerful and it made them feel like they’re not alone.
  • A Birthmother’s Story is Jennifer’s story about her adoption journey. She explains how adoption can be a great source of joy in your life, and that it is the bravest choice in her life.
  • “Birth Mother” (Spoken Word Poetry) is a poem from an adoptee. She wants to express gratitude toward her birthmother so she has created this inspirational and emotional poem.
  • I Chose Adoption For My Child is Megan’s story about open adoption from a birthmother’s point of view. She says how the decision to place her child up for adoption wasn’t easy because she still needed time to grow and she just wanted a healthy family for her daughter to grow.
  • iChooseAdoption - A Better Life is a great video about Angela’s decision to give her daughter the life she knew she deserved, so she placed her daughter in the arms of her loving adoptive parents. She explains how adoption doesn’t mean giving your baby away, it means giving your baby a chance.
  • A Birth Mother Shares Her Story  is a beautiful story about the selfless love of a birthmother and how she finds peace after choosing adoption. This birthmom hopes that her story will offer encouragement and hope to others.
  • Heartbreak, hope and healing: A Young Mother’s Adoption Story is a remarkable journey of a young birth mother. A photography student describes her decision to place her son up for adoption. She was worried that she couldn’t provide a stable home for her son, so she chose adoption. This wonderful story about open adoption shows how much open communication is important in the adoption process.


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