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#Womenshealth: Adoption... what are the advantages for female wellness?


Women who are considering adoption often feel strong emotions while making that decision. It’s not an easy choice to make. Adoption isn't a choice that a woman easily forgets. Regardless, many believe that choosing adoption is a far better alternative than keeping either person in circumstances that don't permit the most opportunity for the child, or the mother when she is unprepared for a family.  It is important to better understand all the benefits of adoption for female wellness! Here is a high-level overview of a few of the findings.

1. Better education.

In 1998, an exhaustive study was conducted regarding the status of both women who’d decided to keep their child and those who’d chosen adoption. The results showed that there’s a tremendous difference between them in terms of education. Mothers who’d chosen adoption were far more likely to graduate or finish college. This is a big deal, especially since in today’s world, people have a lot higher chances for leading a happy life if they further their education.

2. A Higher standard of living.

One’s education is hard to separate with a standard of living in today's world. The mothers who had chosen adoption were better off when it came to education and furthermore, implications on their long-term standard of living. The 1998 study proved that those women were far less likely to live below the poverty line, as well as to receive government assistance. We can all agree that not everything should be about money, caring for your own basic needs and feeling the accomplishment of being providing for your child's basic needs is very important to a woman. When you can't afford to do that or are unprepared to it can lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy. It is a self-sacrificing choice to decide on adoption when it is most beneficial for you and your baby. 

3. A Higher quality of romantic relationships.

Unplanned pregnancies often result in unwanted marriages. A union with a person that doesn’t suit you for the long-term can be an unhealthy situation. Women who’d chosen to keep their child were less likely to delay marrying until they’ve found the right partner. Consequently, their romantic relationships suffered from a wellness standpoint and we lower quality than those of women who’d chosen adoption. Also, the latter group were far less likely to end their marriages.

4. A Better chance for keeping the second child.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s nevertheless worth mentioning. Women who’d chosen adoption were more likely to improve their circumstances. As a result, most of them were able to intentionally keep their second child and provide them with everything they needed. The level of nurturing and the financial resources providing for a family actually means is a reality for people that is hard to face if you aren't prepared for it. Being able to bless a family with the ability to have a child when they are ready is a heroic action. It's important for birthmothers to not allow stigmas applied by any entity to interfere with making the best choices for themselves and their future.

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