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5 YouTube Channels for Birthmothers

As a birthmother, you may deal with a wide range of emotions throughout the adoption process, as well as a number of questions about what kind of adoption is best for you. These YouTube channels offer support, encouragement, and information on what to expect as you go through the adoption process and the years following.

1. Binti: This channel is a wealth of information and personal experiences. Most videos are placed in playlists organized by person and labeled by their role in the adoption they took part in. This allows you to listen to interviews of and questions answered by birthmothers, learning from their experiences and possibly finding out about options you didn't even know existed. These birthmothers answer questions about everything from birthmother retreats and contact with the adoptive families to reactions from friends and family and birthfather involvement.

2.'s YouTube channel is a veritable goldmine of videos made about the adoption process from literally every angle imaginable. Of particular interest to birthmothers will be the playlists focused on Unplanned Pregnancy Adoption Answers and Birth Mother Voices.

3. Melissa Link: Melissa is a filmmaker and birthmother who produced a short documentary about her experience placing her child for adoption. Her detailed and emotional account of her experience finding out about her pregnancy, telling her family, and deciding to place her child for adoption is one that will resonate with many birthmothers. Judging by the many emotional comments, this documentary has affirmed many decisions and touched the hearts of many birthmothers and adoptive parents alike.

4. Beauty Amidst the Ashes: Beauty Amidst the Ashes is a YouTube channel dedicated to advocating for and educating individuals about adoption. To this end, there are many videos on the channel focused on birthmothers, most with birthmothers telling their stories and explaining how their adoption process went. These birthmothers, who come from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances, tell their personal stories to encourage and support those going through the process now.

5. Adopt Connect: Adopt Connect's YouTube channel covers adoption from every angle, including the birthmother's. What makes their channel unique is that in addition to their birthmother testimonials, they also have birthparent testimonials, which might be helpful to birthmothers who have a partner and are considering adoption placement, as that dynamic can be quite different from that of a single birthmother. This channel also has videos covering the adoption process from start to finish to help answer any lingering questions about the process as a whole.

Bonus: Mrs Marshelle: This channel gets an honorable mention because while the woman who runs the channel is an adoptive mother, some of her videos give great insight to how an open adoption works, and features both her and her children interacting with the birthmothers in their lives.

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