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5 Great YouTube Birthmother Resources

Birthmothers will experience a wide range of emotions throughout their unique journey in the adoption process. It may feel like you are going down this road all alone, but thankfully, that’s not the case. There are many other women who have felt similar to how you do and are able to answer the many different questions that you have.

YouTube is a great resource for birthmothers who want to make the most of their experiences and make sure they are doing things in the best way possible. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best YouTube channels for birthmothers, so be sure to check these out.


  1.’s YouTube channel is an invaluable resource to anyone in the adoption community, from birthmothers to adoptive parents! But for birthmothers specifically, you may want to check out the playlists focused on Unplanned Pregnancy Adoption Answers and Birth Mother Voices.

  2. Binti
    Binti allows you to take a real-life look into the experiences of people who have gone through the adoption process in various different roles. Most videos uploaded by Binti follow a similar format, where one person that is involved in the adoption process spends the video answering one question, like “How did your friends react when you decided to place?”

    Binti organizes the playlist by the person recording their experiences and their role in the adoption process, so you know that the information presented in these videos will apply to you.

  3. Melissa Link
    Melissa is a filmmaker and birthmother that shared her experiences in a short documentary titled “Behind the Bump: A Birth Mother's Story.” Her intimate and raw account details the different stages of her adoption story, from finding out about her pregnancy, telling her family and deciding to place her child for adoption.

    Many birthmothers have turned to Melissa’s documentary for assurance and connection during this emotional time. The video has amassed over 80,000 views and the comments are filled with inspiring messages from brave birthmothers around the world.

  4. Adopt Connect
    Adopt Connect is a great resource for anyone who is looking to learn more about the adoption process as a whole. Their videos share the stories of birthmothers as well as birthparents. This will be a good place to visit if you are part of a couple who is considering placing your child for adoption, as this decision may look different than a decision made solely by a birthmother.

  5. Beauty Amidst the Ashes
    This channel aims to share the stories of everyone who is going through and experiencing adoption in an aim to educate and support those who may do the same. Beauty Amidst the Ashes often tackles some of the issues pertaining to adoption from a Christian standpoint, so your personal beliefs may be reaffirmed or challenged by their perspective.

    There are many videos on this channel focusing on the lives and stories of birthmothers, who explain how the adoption process went for them. These birthmothers come from a wide range of different backgrounds and circumstances.

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