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Unplanned Pregnancies and the Adoption Process

If you have found yourself with an unplanned pregnancy, your mind is probably full of so many questions you may not know where to start. While we cannot answer every question for you, we can give you a little more information about the adoption process, so you can make the right choice for you and your baby with confidence. 

When should I start making an adoption plan? 

You can choose adoption at any point during your pregnancy. If it’s something you think you will be considering, it is worth contacting a local adoption agency to learn more about your options, so that you will not feel pressured into making a decision without all the information available to you. It’s never too early to begin exploring your options, but don’t make a decision until you are completely ready. 


If I choose to place my baby for adoption, can I pick the family? 

Yes! As the birth mother, you have a lot of control over where your child will go. You can discuss your desires with the adoption agency, and they will point you toward some adoptive family profiles they think may meet your requirements. 


How much will placing my baby for adoption cost me? 

Nothing! Placing your child for adoption is free to you, and in many cases, your prenatal care and the cost of labor and delivery are covered as well. 


Does the baby’s father need to agree to the adoption? 

Ideally, you and the baby’s father would be on the same page about the adoption, but in some cases that isn’t true, so it’s important to know the legalities of this part going in. Birthfather rights vary by state, so you will need to look into your local laws and speak with an attorney to be sure, but in any case, it’s important to let the birthfather know about your choice as early as possible.


What happens after the birth? 

After the birth, the child is placed with the adoptive parents. At this point, any communication or contact you have all agreed to prior to the birth will proceed if the adoption is an open adoption. In some cases this may mean updates about the child via email, while in other cases you may arrange for local visits. 


Regardless of what you choose, if you have found yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, your job first and foremost is to take care of yourself. Speak with your doctor about what steps you should be taking to keep yourself and the baby healthy, and take the time to consider all of your options fully. 


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