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The Role of Technology in Modern Adoption

It’s no secret that there have been massive changes to our society in the wake of unprecedented technological development. These changes have also affected the world of adoption. The good news about technology and domestic adoption in the United States is that it has contributed to adoption becoming more accessible and efficient while also creating a space for community for both birthmothers and prospective adoptive families. 

A More Streamlined Adoption Process

Thanks to modern technology, the days of poring over mountains of physical paperwork are over for most industries. The ability to complete and store paperwork digitally has made the adoption process more streamlined and efficient. Because birthmothers and prospective adoptive families are able to complete the required adoption paperwork online, the amount of time it takes to process and connect families together is drastically reduced. 


Another way technology has changed the landscape of modern adoption is through the use of targeted advertising. Digital marketing and targeted advertising help adoption professionals connect with families seeking to bring a child into their family and with birthmothers who are in a situation where they would like to place their baby for adoption. In turn, this allows birthmothers and prospective adoptive parents to find the best adoption professionals to help them through their adoption journey.


Efficient Communication

Advances in communication, particularly video conferencing software, instant messaging, and video recording capabilities, have also allowed for birthmothers and adoptive families to communicate more throughout the entire process. The ability to be in touch with one another is important in an open adoption scenario where the adoptee, birthmother, and adoptive parents regularly want or need to communicate. Geography no longer has to be a barrier for communication between loved ones. 


An additional benefit of how videos have added more benefit to the adoption process is through enhanced adoptive family profiles. Now on the profiles of prospective adoptive families, recorded videos can allow the personality of families to shine through so that expectant mothers can get a better idea of what the family is really like. Because of that, a profile video can also increase the likelihood of an expectant mother sparking a connection with a profile.  

Connect With Industry Professionals

Widespread internet access has allowed for birthmothers and prospective adoptive families to easily connect with professionals who handle various aspects of the adoption process. Throughout the process, prospective adoptive families and birthmothers will need the support of a home study provider, adoption professional, social worker, and/or lawyer. With quick access to information and professional networks online, they are able to not only find a professional that suits their needs, but also information on what to look for when hiring someone to help with the adoption process. 


Online Resources

One of the most impressive technological advances of our time is the ability to access helpful information any time and from any place. This has allowed for there to be way more resources available for birthmothers, prospective adoptive families, and even adoption professionals. An example of how helpful online resources can be is having access to digestible information about different state requirements for adoption, which is particularly helpful for prospective adoptive families. Another way in which online resources can help families is by providing accessible information about the cost of adoption and financial resources that are available to them. 

For birthmothers, online resources allow them to find helpful information about the overall adoption process and what they should expect as they engage in the adoption process. Many adoption professionals have resources available that give birthmothers information and guidance. For example, on our website, we have helpful resources for expectant mothers and birthmothers that provide information on many topics, like creating an adoption plan, choosing an adoptive family, prenatal care, and moving forward after adoption. For those birthmothers who may have limited access to the internet, smartphones, or computers, connecting them with an adoption professional who has utilizes the most efficient technology can be an indispensable resource for them at a stressful time in their life. 


Support Groups

A beneficial aspect of technology and adoption is that it has opened up a world of support for everyone involved in the process. Support groups and discussion boards have created an accessible community that may have only been accessible locally before wide usage of the internet. Now, with a wealth of support groups and forums online, location is no longer a barrier for connection. 


It’s no secret that the adoption process can sometimes feel isolating for both birthmothers and prospective adoptive families. Having access to online support groups can help them feel less alone and more connected to people who are going through a similar experience. Online support groups can act as a light at the end of the tunnel for all parties in an ongoing adoption journey.


Technology has changed the landscape of domestic adoption in the United States for the better. It has connected adoption professionals with families and birthmothers, allowed for widespread access to helpful online resources, and created an environment where individuals going through a stressful, life-altering experience can find support from those in similar situations among so much more. Future innovations in technology will only continue to benefit the adoption world by streamlining the process and connecting families. At LifeLong Adoptions, we are excited to see what the intersection of adoption and technology holds!

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