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Mark Doyle


Mark is our Adoptive Parent Specialist for the LGBT community. Mark provides education, guidance and support about the adoption process through informational meetings with our prospective adoptive parents. Mark came to work for LifeLong after 10 years of working for a major corporate retailer in the Human Resources department. His passion for adoption grew from his own experience with LifeLong. After his own adoption, Mark’s desire to continue to help other LGBT families achieve their dream of a family grew stronger and he joined the LifeLong team. He continues to advocate for LGBT adoptions. He enjoys helping others and believes you should never give up on the dream of family.

Q&A with Mark

  • What do you do at LifeLong?

    I assist with the admissions portion when new adoptive parents join our program. I have educational meetings with them, review their contract with them, and assist with how to budget for adoption and help them set goals to make their dream a reality down the road.

  • When did you join the LifeLong team?

    I started in June of 2012. I'm very proud to be the first adoptive parent and the first LGBTQ person to join LifeLong after my own personal journey.

  • What motivates you to get up and go to work?

    Talking with new adoptive parents that are eager to learn more about the process. I still think and remember the day I had my phone meeting with LifeLong as a prospective adoptive parent and what it meant to me. I try to make everyone's meeting very personal to their situation with a little humor and fun.

  • What is your favorite inspirational, motivational, or positive-thinking quote?

    Never lose hope. When you lose hope it displays and can prevent you from adopting.

  • What's your personal connection to adoption?

    I'm a former LifeLong Adoptions client.

  • What advice do you have for our waiting families?

    Go on vacation, enjoy life, and let us find you when we have the special call for you. Don't sit around and wait for the phone to ring — let it be a surprise.

  • What are you passionate about?

    Helping families the same way I was helped! Showing compassion and just listening to them.

  • What do you like to do on your days off?

    Get outside and be social with friends. I love to travel!

  • Where is your favorite place to be?

    Costa Rica

  • What are you proudest of?

    The ownership and dedication I have for my job. I used to work for corporate America for 13 years with no passion and I feel like I have found my passion in life now.

  • What music is on your most-played list?

    Adele & Post Malone

  • What's your favorite TV show to binge-watch?

    Chicago Fire, Med, and PD, along with Grey's Anatomy

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