LGBT Adoption Process

The adoption process of gay and lesbian couples varies slightly from the adoption process of a traditional couple. Throughout your adoption journey, be prepared to encounter some hurdles that an opposite sex couple may not experience.

LGBT Friendly Adoption Service

First and foremost, there is a chance that the adoption process may take longer for a same sex couple. This is due to a number of variables, one being finding the right adoption service that will cater to your unique situation. Another is determining what the specific laws and regulations are for same sex adoption within your state. At LifeLong Adoptions, we believe in adoption, and believe in the LGBT community’s chance at the miracle of a child.

LifeLong Adoptions Can Help With The Adoption Process

We have created a detailed outline of the steps it takes to complete a successful adoption. Consider these steps carefully before making the decision to adopt, and know that LifeLong Adoptions looks forward to guiding you through the entire LGBT adoption process.

steps to a Successful Adoption

Sort Through Your Emotions and Answer Your Adoption Questions

The fact that you are even on this website right now proves that you are serious about adopting. But are you really ready to adopt a baby? Have you considered all of the factors? Are you prepared for a lifelong commitment? Are you emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially ready? Adopting a child can be a stressful and emotional process, so make sure you are 100% prepared and have addressed any outstanding questions you have about the LGBT adoption process.

Consider the Different Types of Adoption

There are a few different types of adoption, and it’s important that you are properly educated on each one. LifeLong Adoptions is an LGBT friendly adoption service seasoned in all types of adoptions. We will go over each of them with you and help you decide which is best for you, your partner, and your growing family.

Create an Adoption Profile

Your profile is very important to finding your future child. So how do you make it stand out from the rest? We will help you create an outstanding profile. It is more memorable and interesting when you show your values, loves, and personality through anecdotes, stories, and pictures.

Most prospective adoptive parents think that the purpose of the adoption profile is to share information about themselves. This is only half of the equation, and not the most important half at that. In addition to sharing information about yourself, you must also paint a picture of what life would be like for a child in your family. Accomplishing these two things in a sincere and honest way will set your profile apart from the rest.

The photographs and captions you put in your adoption profile usually determine whether or not someone will even read your profile. At a minimum, expectant parents make initial judgments based on the pictures. So, what's the takeaway?
Be genuine. Show more than tell. Make your photos stand out.

Complete the Home Study

If you live in the United States and are going to adopt a baby, you will need an adoption home study. While the home study may be the most stressful part of your adoption process, you shouldn’t worry too much. The good part about the home visit is that it is scheduled. Additionally, you won’t be judged on superficialities. While you do want your home to be in presentable condition, don’t stress yourself out by panicking over every speck of dust or crooked picture frame. Your social worker is looking to determine how a child will live there, if there is enough room, and most importantly, if it is safe.

Learn About the Birthparents

Just like a birthmother will want to know about her child’s adoptive parents, you will also want to get some background information about the birthmother. If the birthfather is involved, retrieving information on him will also be beneficial. This information will help with your child’s future health, behavior, and overall development.

Create a Post-Placement Plan

If you are single, do you have a support system? If you are a couple, have you discussed the responsibilities of caring for a child? Have you looked into schools or daycare programs if needed?

The adoption process can be long and emotional for many hopeful parents. Make sure you have the necessary tools and support systems available to carry you through the process. The benefits of adoption with LifeLong Adoptions is that we provide our clients with the best support, resources, and information possible.

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