LifeLong Adoptions is a place where birthmothers and prospective adoptive parent have unfettered freedom to make private and personal arrangements for the care of their children. We embrace and respect each client’s individuality, beliefs, religion, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, and sexual orientation. We support adoption for gay parents and can answer all of your questions about gay adoption.

"When you meet your child for the first time, your world just stops. You instantly feel a love that has no boundaries."
~ Mark & Jason, Adoptive Parents
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Kevin, Craig, and LifeLong Baby Ian
Kevin, Craig, and LifeLong Baby Ian

In our experience, most birthmothers are open to exploring all family types when selecting the adoptive family for their babies. Our expansive network gives us the flexibility to produce a connection that satisfies both the preferences of our adoptive parents and our birthmothers.

We work with prospective gay and lesbian parents throughout the United States, but adoption laws varies from state to state. LifeLong Adoptions is fortunate to be located in the state of California, which has well-established laws and procedures for adoption by gay and lesbian adoptive parents. Although laws of other states vary and are currently in a state of flux, if either the prospective adoptive parents or the birthmother reside in California, the adoption can be completed under California law.

There are currently over one million children being raised in gay or lesbian households. Although in the past there was not much statistical data or research on gay and lesbian parenting, currently there is a large body of reliable statistical data and research. There are also growing support networks and social communities for gay adoption!

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