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Family Type: Single
State I live in: Pennsylvania

dear expectant mother

Saying thank you does not seem like enough to express my gratitude to you. You are a strong and amazing woman bringing a gift into the world.

I look forward to showing your child what a blessing family is through love and laughter. Your child will have a home where they feel loved and safe, and he or she will be allowed to grow and develop to be the best version of themselves with support every step of the way. I am nervous about being a first-time parent, but I know I will be a great one. You have chosen a path that requires faith in yourself, and I know I can be the person whom your faith can be bestowed upon.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, a line from Cinderella, makes perfect sense to me as a way to describe our paths to adoption—the dream of sharing the love of a child and the choices that must be made that will affect their life. You are providing me with an amazing gift for which saying thank you seems so insignificant. Rest assured that your child will be cherished, will share the love and laughter of our family, and will have every opportunity to shine. I will forever be grateful for you and the dream you have given me to start a family.

I look forward to showing your child what a blessing family is through love and laughter.


About Me

I am patient, hardworking, and attentive to all parts of my life. My friends and family have always said I have the memory of an elephant. For the past five years, I have worked as a real estate paralegal at a longstanding law firm near my home. Prior to that, I worked as a nanny for six years while working as a long-term substitute teacher. My job as a nanny was the most enjoyable, entertaining, and fulfilling job I have ever had. Each day I endeavored to make our day an adventure, whether it was at home or out enjoying activities, and I cannot wait to provide similar experiences to a child. To this day, I have a wonderful relationship with those children, and we are family. I enjoy spending the majority of my time with my family, friends, and two dogs.

My Home

I live in a small rural community that has been home my entire life. The majority of my extended family lives within thirty minutes of my home, and I bought my grandparents’ home three years ago, which is full of fond memories. While it was my grandparents’ home for over forty years, I have put my own stamp on it and have made it a warm and loving home for myself and my two dogs, Tucker and Beau. My home is often a gathering place for my immediate and extended family to get together for our local autumn festival, Halloween trick-or-treating, and family visits. I am fortunate to live near the community park, and my backyard is the dog playground, which allows my neighbors to enjoy their playtime antics.

My Extended Family

I am extremely blessed to have a family that supports one another, is engaged in each other’s daily lives, and is always there for each other. I cannot imagine existing without my family. When something goes wrong or something goes wonderfully right, they are the first ones I reach out to. My parents are excited to share their Mimi and Pappy love with another grandchild and have such support for me on my path of adoption.

I have spent every birthday in the mountains of Pennsylvania at my parents’ cottage since I turned eleven. While my family and I enjoy any time together, we especially enjoy our visits to Disney World and the excitement those trips bring. Each year we also go to a local Festival of Lights to enjoy their holiday outdoor drive-thru display and stop at the gift shop to purchase an ornament for our tree. We gather together on Christmas Eve to go to church and out to dinner and then return to open a gift, which is always pajamas. More recently, we have been going to a botanical garden to enjoy their holiday display and take what feels like a million pictures.

What Led Me To Adoption

Adoption had been on my mind for the last five years as a way of growing my family. I personally did not know anyone who was adopted, or so I thought, until I started a dialogue with friends and co-workers. At that time I found out that within my circle or better yet tribe I was blessed with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Once this connection was made it became a passion for me to find a way to grow my family through adoption, to share my love, laughter and amazing tribe with a child.

more about Brittany

more about Brittany

Real estate paralegal
Bachelor’s degree in education
Balsamic chicken
National Treasure
Hockey, football
Music Group:
Luke Bryan
TV Show:
The Big Bang Theory
Perfectly Imperfect
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