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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Illinois

dear expectant mother

Thank you from my whole heart for reviewing my profile! I admire your strength as you consider whether adoption is best for you and your baby, and I pray for a healthy pregnancy as you make your decision. If you entrust me with raising your child, I promise that he or she will always know of your unconditional love. You will be part of your child’s life story, and your child will always know of your courage and bravery in choosing adoption.

My heart swells when I think of raising a child and imagine who the child will become. This child will be a part of many worlds, from far-off places like Egypt, where I am part of the foreign service, to my family’s farm in Illinois, which is surrounded by cats, cows, and corn. Your child will be valued, provided for, and nurtured throughout a life filled with joy and wonder. And wherever we are in the world, he or she will be surrounded with love.

I look forward to connecting with you and welcoming your baby into the world. Until then, I wish you and your little one peace and comfort.

With my heart and soul, I have faith that I can provide a safe, nurturing space for your child to live a healthy life filled with purpose, joy, and love.


About Me

I grew up on a small farm in a rural community in the Midwest. Our family was built on love, a lot of hard work, taking turns, playing fair, sharing, caring, and laughing. This strong foundation has given me the confidence to travel the world to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. I have turned my passions of traveling and storytelling into a career that makes a difference in people’s lives. I can’t wait to share my love of travel and adventure with your child, and I hope to pass this passion on to them one day! In my spare time, I enjoy taking long walks with my dog, reading, writing stories, baking, and photography. I look for the good in others and see the beauty in everyday activities and the natural world. I pay attention to details and prepare for multiple possibilities (which is why I store Band-Aids in multiple places!).

My Home

I live in many worlds, from my family’s farm in Illinois to my east coast condo to places like Egypt where I am part of the foreign service. I live with my dog Pasha, who is a constant source of joy and makes me laugh every day. My spacious, sunny, three-bedroom apartment is in a quiet suburban neighborhood. There are families with children in my building, and my colleagues all live nearby and take their children to the same neighborhood playground. The neighborhood has a lot of green space, and there are several churches, schools, and shops within walking distance. I look forward to taking a baby on walks with my dog, who has charmed the whole neighborhood!

My Extended Family

My family is amazing! My parents still live on the family farm where they raised me and my siblings. Every time I go home, my entire extended family comes over for a home-cooked meal. We play kickball and cards, take care of the animals, and usually laugh until we’re out of breath. My mom is the glue that binds us all together; she is the kindest person I know in the universe and is a nurturer of her children, her grandchildren, her community, her gardens, and her home. She will love having another baby to pamper, and my sister can’t wait to be the favorite aunt!

My foreign service colleagues are also part of my extended family; serving our country overseas is a calling that binds us together. In every post I’ve served at, we look out for each other, babysit each other’s children, and host brunches and birthday parties. The children of foreign service families also share a special bond as their unique upbringing includes living around the world, learning multiple languages, and attending international schools. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child; this is a reality in the foreign service.

What Led Me To Adoption

Everything I’ve done in my life up to this point has prepared me for this moment, including being an aunt to my awesome nieces. I have always dreamed of raising a newborn (or twins!) to adulthood, and I have also considered adopting children from abroad or fostering. Several members of my extended family were adopted, so I have experienced first hand how forever families are built on love. With my heart and soul, I have faith that I can provide a safe, nurturing space for your child to live a healthy life filled with purpose, joy, and love.

more about Julie

more about Julie

Press officer
BA in English and communications, master’s degree in library science
Anything but celery!
Beauty and the Beast
Christmas with family
Music Group:
All kinds, from U2 to Lady Antebellum
TV Show:
Downton Abbey
The Alchemist
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Ireland and Scotland

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