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Family Type: Single
State I live in: Michigan

dear expectant mother

Only an expectant parent is able to see beyond themselves and love a child so deeply that the baby’s needs comes before anything else. So it is in these unique circumstances that a window has opened. Two families, unknown to each other, will meet and share their lives and their love for the benefit of a child, as yet unborn, but already cared for with deep affection and devotion.

This connection needs to reflect the dreams both families have for your child, and I think your child’s life wouldn’t feel right unless it was served up with lots of cookie baking, camping and swimming at the park, hugs and kisses for all the boo-boos in life, and dancing and singing with friends. In addition, learning experiences that are way too cool at school, museums, and community events need to be topped off with a generous coating of laughter, growth, and love.

The decision to create an adoption plan for your child is not made lightly. It is indeed humbling to witness your strength and emotional commitment as you work toward finding the right family for your child. It would be an honor to share motherhood with you. May your life, your family, and your child be blessed with beauty, wonder, and joy, always.

Two families, unknown to each other, will meet and share their lives and their love for the benefit of a child, as yet unborn, but already cared for with deep affection and devotion.


About Me

I have been blessed with a daughter whom has grown up with an amazing support system of family and friends. Working twelve-hour shifts as an aerospace production mechanic, just three days a week, gives me time to be an active mom at school and family activities. My daughter is in the third grade and has excelled in her schooling. She is an Irish dancer, sings in musical theater, rides her horse, and loves to swim at the local park and camp. We love to go to festivals and parades and celebrate special days and holidays with family and friends. I have always wanted to be the laid-back parent that is easily approachable and makes it a priority to keep an open line of communication going between us. We are a mellow, happy family, comfortable with spur-of-the-moment, high energy activities, as well as just hanging out at home.

My Home

There are many young families with children in our neighborhood. We are close to community facilities like libraries, zoos, museums, and water parks. Living in the country, I have a large, fenced backyard with apple trees that is surrounded by a park and farmland. My single-level home has 1,700 square feet (lots of room for a growing family); plus, the basement is a large, open playroom known as the “toy store”! Two of our dogs are major couch potatoes, but they’re balanced by two younger, active pups that are sweethearts and who will be participating in this year’s school reading assistance program.

My Extended Family

We are very fortunate that our whole family lives within five miles of each other. My mom and dad are retired and very active in their grandchildren’s lives, from kite flying and bike riding to community outings and helping with homework. There is always a hug, a kiss, and support available. My brother and his wife both work in healthcare. They have two young boys who have a very close relationship with my daughter, as they do everything together. Everyone is very excited to welcome a new baby to the family.

We spend a lot of time together, not only celebrating birthdays and holidays, but at regular meals and playdates. Swimming at the local park, bonfires and cookouts, festivals, parades, and community events are favorite activities. Traditionally, everyone gets together to make holiday cookies, carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating, share a family breakfast and open presents on Christmas morning, and watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. We pick out garden flowers on Mother’s Day or Easter, and make cakes and cupcakes for birthdays. Our kids go to school together, and we take turns dropping kids off and picking them up.

What Led Me To Adoption

I was so thrilled when I got pregnant with my daughter. She has been such a gift and a wonderful, fun-loving, talented, responsible, mature, and considerate kid. We are a good team. I always wanted two children and have worked very hard to provide for my daughter. I have a great job and a home, but the missing piece of my life was another child and a sibling for my daughter. Adoption is very close to my heart, as my oldest brother was adopted from Korea, and so adoption feels like the natural choice to grow my family.

more about Katie

more about Katie

Production Mechanic in the Aerospace Industry; Goldendoodle Dog Breeder/Service Dog Trainer
Home-Schooled Grades K-12, and University Classes as Needed in Occupation
Ethnic Food (Mexican, Chinese and Italian), Spice Lover
Camping, Family Vacations, Beach Days, & Horseback Riding
The Greatest Showman
College Football
Music Group:
Country Western/Irish Music
TV Show:
The Fosters
Dog Training and Service Dogs
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Ireland, Smoky Mountains, Disney World

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