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dear expectant mother

I am ready to share my life and fulfill my desire of being a mother. I have the wisdom that comes with age, the stability that comes with years of hard work, and the maturity that comes after having seen a lot of phases in life. If you decide to consider me as the mother for your baby, your baby will become the center of my attention the minute I take him or her into my arms.

My mix of Eastern and Western upbringing and philosophy of life has given me a wholesome perspective on life, and I will pass on the same building blocks to your child to create his or her own life on.

I am confident I have what it takes to provide a complete and balanced life for a child. My emotional strength, good physical health, balanced approach to life, and strong spiritual core keep me grounded and confident to face life undeterred. Ultimately, I believe children thrive in happy, peaceful family setting, and it doesn’t matter if that is provided by a single-parent or multiple-parent setting.

I am now at a stage where I have a great balance of time, resources, and support to have a family of my own. I love children and have always dreamed of becoming a mother.


About Me

I moved to the U.S. 15 years ago with the desire of pursuing higher education and a better future. I was raised in an upper middle-class family in India in a household of working parents who instilled the values of hard work and education in all their children. I chose medicine as my career and have a fulfilling, thriving practice. I live a healthy lifestyle, am an avid yoga practitioner, and love nature. I love hiking, camping, outdoor yoga, and water sports. I was born in a Hindu family and have grown up learning the principles of Hinduism, which teaches tolerance, non-violence, and the law of Karma. I practice daily meditation, which helps me stay firmly grounded and strengthens my spiritual core. I am fully integrated in American culture and firmly believe in creating a balance in everything I do.

My Home & Pets

I believe in zen-like living and have a very clutter-free, clean, and peaceful home with vibrant furniture and decor. I believe in having an environmentally safe home and keep my products as chemical-free as I possibly can. My kitchen is my prized place because I enjoy cooking. I love to cook! I have a dog named Bella, a Chinese pug. She is a fun, friendly, and funny dog who has me wrapped around her tail. She is very social and loves children in particular. Since I have always lived in the company of pets, we will always have a pet companion with us, and I am excited to have a child who will learn to live with animals from the start.

My Extended Family

I was the middle child and very fondly remember my childhood days and the fun activities that I used to do with my siblings, especially the annual family holidays up in the Himalayas. My mother passed away two years ago, and my father spends his summers with me in the U.S. He is very excited to play with his grandchild and wants to spend more time here every year once I adopt.

My older sister and I share a common love for animals and children. We used to babysit and engage children of all ages with our stories. We raised dogs, cats, pigeons, and piglets. She lives in India with her husband and 12 adopted rescue dogs.

My younger brother lives in Singapore and has a beautiful daughter. My adorable niece has been a bundle of joy for our whole family. I and my entire family are excited about adopting and having a cousin for her to play with. We are planning to buy a vacation house in Hawaii, which is an easy direct flight from Singapore, so that we can meet more often.

What Led Me To Adoption

Having devoted a lot of my life to my chosen career, I feel deeply satisfied and proud that I make a difference in people’s lives every day. I am now at a stage where I have a great balance of time, resources, and support to have a family of my own. I love children and have always dreamed of becoming a mother. I come from a successful family background and understand the basic building blocks required for a happy family. I am ready and eager to adopt and to provide a loving, nurturing family structure where a child can grow, learn, and become a balanced individual.

more about Kavita

more about Kavita

Indian, Spanish tapas, sushi
Nature, outdoor, hiking
Gran Torino
Yoga & Pilates
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Books on health, fitness, and healing
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