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Family Type: Single
State I live in: California

dear expectant mother

I know this process may be difficult and emotional for you. Your strength and courage are admirable. I hope that you allow me to raise your child. If you choose me as the adoptive parent for your precious child, I will cherish, love, support, guide, encourage, and provide for your child. I will create a loving home where your child will always feel confident and safe. Thank you for considering me to raise your child. I will be honored to know that you have selected me from the many other potential parents who are seeking the special life-long experience that being a parent brings. My heart beats with excitement and joy to think that I am on this journey of adoption. This process brings me closer every day to realizing my dream of parenthood. I am eager, happy, and excited to meet you (if you wish). I want you to know that, if you choose me, you will always remain an important part of our lives.

My heart beats with excitement and joy to think that I am on this journey of adoption. This process brings me closer every day to realizing my dream of parenthood.



About Me

I am a lifelong educator. My experience has ranged from teaching at the Community College level to my current career teaching school-aged children. I enjoy working as an educator and having a positive influence on them. I love their curiosity about life and ability to see things from angles that we seem to lose as we grow into our adult selves. My friends describe me as a fun-loving, passionate, and focused person. I love life and live each moment to its fullest. I am passionate about what is important to me: my family, friends, and the students I teach daily. One of my favorite hobbies is volunteering for local organizations that provide events and training for dogs. In my free time, I enjoy bike riding on the paths in my hometown, taking in the sights, sounds, and people of my community.


My Home

The community I call home is surrounded by horse ranches, vineyards, orchards, and rivers. There are many family-friendly parks, bike trails, and historical venues to visit. One of my favorite parts of my town is the small and quaint downtown. Not only is there a modern movie theater, there is also a performing arts theater that features unique programs for children of all ages. There are so many educational experiences to be enjoyed! On any given day, you can stop and listen to talented street musicians, visit an antique shop, or enjoy various ethnic restaurants.

My neighborhood has a large community center and park that offers dance classes and organized sports teams, including soccer, basketball, and baseball.

I love animals. I have two Australian Shepard dogs. They love children and enjoy playing with them. Both have attended behavioral training and specialty classes. My sister Cheryl is a dog behaviorist and often use Leianna and KeKoa for class demonstration.

My Extended Family

Family is the most important thing to me. I have three sisters who I love dearly. My immediate family live within 20 minutes of each other and spend a lot of time together. We have close relationships and common interests. We encourage each other, share similar values and beliefs, and love one another unconditionally. My extended family gets together for celebrations and holidays. They are all excited that I may be bringing a child into their lives. If you choose me as your child’s adoptive parent, my extended family’s love, support, and encouragement will enhance your child’s life.

My sisters and I like to cook together, dance, sing, BBQ, go shopping, hiking, or just sit around watching TV laughing and having fun. My favorite thing to do is watch my mom play soccer with her friends. I also enjoy playing on the same team together and traveling to tournaments.


What Led Me To Adoption

I want you to know that I have struggled for many years to conceive a child. My journey has included trips to fertility specialists, but I have not been able to conceive. While the outcome was sad and disappointing, one thing never changed, and that is my burning desire to raise a child and provide him or her with experiences, education, and a sense of self. However, I was able to become a foster parent and had a wonderful but short-lived experience with two siblings that were eventually reunited with their mother. While I was so happy for them to be back with their birthmother, I realized that I have much more in my heart and soul to give to a child.

more about Kim

more about Kim

Educational Teacher
B.A. Kinesiology, Masters, Education
Gardening, Theater Arts
Grease and Other Musicals
Soccer, Dance, Volleyball, and Basketball
Music Group:
Motown and Pop
TV Show:
Subject in School:
Science Math and Arts
Dream Vacation:

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