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Family Type: Single
State I live in: California

dear expectant mother

Thank you for considering me with the honor of loving, cherishing, and raising your child. I will give your baby unconditional love. I will impart wisdom and education. I will give them the foundation and necessary tools to be successful and resilient in life. I will give them space to discover their own dreams and desires.

I want your child to laugh, play, and enjoy this life. I want your child to have the option to participate in sports, dance, and art. I want them to have fun and get dirty, make friends, and enjoy music. I even have a piano in my home. I want them to experience my hobbies of skiing, martial arts, camping, and travel. I believe in exposing your child to all these things so they can figure out what they like through options and exposure.

Your child will enjoy the festive holidays at my house. As a child, we had a yearly tradition of an Easter egg hunt and baskets. I will expose your child to cultures and different foods and traditions. As a teacher, I do science experiments, and I allow my students to create. I want to do all these things with your child. One of my favorite activities is making and flying kites. It is my goal to create a loving home where your child will thrive and soar like an eagle. I have love, smiles, and happiness for your child.

My deepest desire is to be a loving and nurturing mother to a child. I have so much wisdom, love, and understanding to share.


About Me

I am a woman like no other, and I make things happen when I am told no! Previously, I had the blessing of being a foster mother to two wonderful babies as a single woman. I handled it with gratitude and love and had a great relationship with both mothers. I am now helping raise my four-year-old nephew. I’m the fun, stylish teacher in school, and I relate to my students by using music and dance in my classroom. I create a fun learning environment with structure and discipline. My students come back to visit me often, and they all share how they appreciated me supporting and encouraging them because I really cared about them. I love adventure and travel. I am a black belt in karate too, and I love going to concerts.

My Home

I love my family-oriented neighborhood. My home has a grassy front yard with an enclosed gated back yard with a patio; it’s perfect for BBQs and entertaining. My home is bright and cheerful, full of warmth and comfort. There’s a large park and playground next door; I can’t wait to bring your baby to it. Every summer there are weekly concerts and movies in the park. My community has a world-class library with weekly family activities. Our schools are voted top in the nation and located only a block away. This summer my nephew and I picked a different park every day to play after we walked to the ice-cream shop. During the day, we took swimming lessons at the indoor Olympic swim center.

My Extended Family

I am very close to my mother, brother, and sister. We talk daily, and I visit my mother every Sunday. My family and friends are excited and praying for my adoption journey; they are all very supportive of me becoming a mom and growing my family. This summer I held activity days for my nephew and neighborhood kids. We made popcorn, cupcakes, and milkshakes and watched movies. The highlights were the water balloon fights!

I am still friends with all the people I grew up with. We still get together, and I consider them family. I travel the world with my college roommates and friends, and we are there for each other through births, adoptions, relationships, and deaths. All the original families and their children from our small town come together for a weekend in August; we celebrate where we came from with church and cookouts. The food is amazing: homemade pies and cakes, country grits and bacon, salmon croquettes, and fried fish. We have so much fun and create so many memories. I anxiously await bringing my child too.

What Led Me To Adoption

I have fostered and mentored several children and young adults. While the experience was wonderful, it is not the calling meant for me since I’ve always wanted to be a mom. My deepest desire is to be a loving and nurturing mother to a child. I have so much wisdom, love, and understanding to share. I look forward to sharing my life, home, gifts, and opportunities with my future child. I can’t wait to start my journey as a mom! I have several friends who have adopted and have witnessed its true beauty. I’m so happy to be on this adoption journey.

more about Krista

more about Krista

African American
Master’s Degree
Southern cuisine, Chinese
Travel, restaurants, cooking, concerts, exercise
Black Panther, Purple Rain, The Notebook
Basketball, football, tennis, golf, martial arts
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter
Music Group:
Prince, Beyonce, Jay Z, P!nk, Rihanna
TV Show:
Queen Sugar, Power
Ask and It Will Be Given, Coldest Winter
Subject in School:
History and Science
Dream Vacation:
Seychelles Island, Iceland, Australia

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