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Family Type: Single
State I live in: Texas

dear expectant mother

Words cannot truly express my admiration for you for considering me as a parent, and I want to promise you: your baby will grow up in a happy home. Your baby will be loved unconditionally and know that he or she is a blessing. He or she will be surrounded by a cheerful and loving grandmother, a doting uncle, and countless family members. I will do everything in my power to ensure your baby will be able to travel, participate in activities he or she are curious and passionate about, and get a quality education. Your baby will have every opportunity to grow into a loving, spiritual, and successful person.

Our home will be filled with laughter and support. There will always be a quirky dog to come home to and play with. Every night will be filled with warm baths, books of every kind, prayers of thanksgiving, and hugs and kisses. Christmas will be filled with baking cookies, wrapping gifts, decorating brightly colored trees, and the wonder of the season. And just as my grandparents, my parents, and myself, your baby will be able to be form happy memories of digging in soil with twigs, playing in bright white cotton fields, and running in shaded pecan orchards.

I pray you will find comfort knowing I will forever be blessed by your decision. May God bless you with happiness and peace always.


About Me

I am a loving, happy, and spiritual person; I believe that each day is a fresh start. I have had the happy job of teaching lots of six year olds to read and be introduced to the excitement of learning new concepts. I left teaching only because I had the opportunity to be the fourth generation of my family to farm cotton. There is something special being able to watch a crop grow from seed to fiber. My faith and the love of family and friends have been what has molded me into a strong, compassionate, and cheerful person. One to never be bored, I have a wide array of hobbies, including reading all types of fiction, scrapbooking, baking cakes for friends and family, and attempting all types of crafts.


My Home

My little dog, Bud, and I live in a quiet, happy neighborhood near a large city. I have watched this community grow and taught many of the children growing up here for over ten years until I took over managing of my family’s farm. My home is five minutes from my mom and my brother, who will be an extremely important part of your child’s life. I had the pleasure to create a warm home that has a lush backyard and loft-turned-library that is transformed into a Christmas wonderland every year. I can’t wait for a child to be introduced to the imaginative world of books as well and to play make-believe in a backyard filled with large pine trees.

My Extended Family

I have one older brother and several cousins I also consider to be siblings. I have lovingly watched them raise children and have shared in their many joys. Several of us have a tradition of going on regular family vacations to Disneyland. This tradition was started by our parents long before I was a thought, and I cannot wait to introduce your child to the sheer joy our family has at Disneyland.

Every Thanksgiving, many of us get together to celebrate. There is always a football game to watch, a card game to play, and lots of laughter. The best part of the holiday is the preparation: my mom and I start cooking the day before. I know that it will be special to cook with your child as he or she grows up.

There are countless other small and big traditions in our family. The most important of these is we all share faith that God has a plan for us all. We all share a love of children and animals. Your child will grow up sharing in all of these and make our family’s legacy even more special.


What Led Me To Adoption

Adoption has been in my mind and heart since I was a teenager. I can remember telling my parents, family, and friends of my calling to be a mother and that, no matter what, I would be blessed with a child. My family and I have discussed the calling over the years and are overjoyed with my decision. My family wishes only for me to experience the blessings of a child and share the love and faith I have. I have a large extended family and many of them have adopted over the years. I have seen first-hand that it is not blood that makes a family complete, it’s the unconditional love.

more about LeAnn

more about LeAnn

Cotton and Pecan Farmer
Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
Reading, baking, scrapbooking, and crafting
The Star Wars series and The Sound of Music
Football and golf
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The Big Bang Theory
Coming Home
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