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Family Type: Single Male
State I live in: California

dear expectant mother

I would first like to thank you for being the brave and courageous woman you are. I’m sure this is not an easy decision, but it is certainly selfless and loving. I would also like to thank you for considering me to raise and love your baby. Being a great father is the most important thing in my life so I can love and teach a child the glories of the world, hold their hand and wipe the tears away after a difficult day, and scare away the boogieman at night. I promise I will give your baby all the love I have in my heart, make sure they travel and see the world, they grow up and are educated, and they have compassion for others. I promise to teach your baby no one can take their mommy’s place and that you are a part of our family forever. Your baby will enjoy all the traditions of my family, and I would love to ensure your traditions and values are represented as well. In closing, please know you have a special gift I will always be grateful for.

I would like to thank you for considering me to raise and love your baby. Being a great father is the most important thing in my life so I can love and teach a child the glories of the world.


About Me

Hi! I am a registered nurse, and I truly enjoy helping others live their healthiest and best lives. I have worked in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years, and I consider my work to be my lifelong passion. When I’m not busy saving lives, I like to get out into the beautiful nature of California. A nice hike while seeing the beauty of the world around me always puts my life into perspective.

My Home & Pets

My home has lots of space to run around and have fun. There’s plenty of room for toys, playing, and entertaining. I spend my time playing with my Yorkie/Maltese, Brownie. She’s full of energy and loves to run around playing catch with her toys. Brownie and I enjoy our walks around the neighborhood, and she gets to play with the kids at the park. She makes friends easily and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. My quiet community has an abundance of entertainment for young families to enjoy. My favorite is the annual pumpkin patch. I love to see all the diverse families smiling with their children and enjoying the clean, crisp autumn air.

My Extended Family

I grew up in Orlando, Florida, with my younger brother and sister. Our parents taught us the value of hard work, integrity, love, and happiness. We enjoyed all central Florida had to offer with the theme parks and weekends at the beach. There was never a dull moment with my brother the comedian and my sister the princess, and our sibling bonds are still as strong today. Most summers were spent on a family farm in Alabama with a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles. We would work on the farm all day with the animals and play in the evening in the big piles of hay.

As an adult, I found myself extending my family circle to include my best friends. The value of different perspectives and life views has broadened my worldview. As I grow my family circle with my first child, I can’t wait to show her or him the world, to give them the love and happiness my parents gave me and enjoy our weekends at the beach.

What Led Me To Adoption

From my earliest memories of life, I knew I wanted to be a father. My mother loves to tell the story of how special I was as a child. She describes me as not being like the other kids with imaginary friends but imaginary children, twins to be exact. When my mother was preparing a bath for my siblings, I was right there getting my twins ready for their nightly cleanup time. “You were born to take care of others,” my mom would always say. Since then, I have been passionate to have my own children.

more about Lee

more about Lee

Registered Nurse
Master of Science in Nursing
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
Music Group:
Jill Scott
TV Show:
This Is Us
The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours
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