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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Texas

dear expectant mother

This is a difficult letter to write to someone you haven’t yet met. Finding the words that describe the respect I have for you in this moment is beyond my reach. Your love for this child is so deep that you’re considering this sacrifice. I will never take my responsibility lightly and commit to providing a home full of love and adoration. If you determine I’m the person who gets to parent your child, I understand you’re trusting me with the most important job in the world—raising a respectable human. Know that your child will always be my number one priority.

I feel very fortunate to have had the life I have, with an amazing family, a successful career, and a set of life experiences that have prepared me for this next step in my life. There is so much to experience in this world, and I look forward to providing an adventurous, consistent, devoted, and imperfect family life. As challenges arise, we will face them together every step of the way. I rely on my faith daily and will provide a faith-based foundation to grow from as a family. While I am obviously an aspiring single parent, my support network is strong, and there is so much love waiting to be shared. I am far from perfect, but I commit to you to always provide a loving home with lots of friends and family to surround your child with love.

Know that your child will always be my number one priority.


About Me

I consider myself a strong, compassionate, and reliable single woman who is from your typical small town USA. I’m a military officer who joined the Army because I was looking for challenge and adventure but made the Army my career because I found my purpose. I’ve traveled the world, learned the value of different thoughts and cultures, and devoted myself to service, not only to this country but to people in general. I love to read historical fiction but won’t pass up any book that’s recommended. I’m always looking for ways to stay active, mostly because I love good food! I’ll try any sport and find hikes everywhere I go because you learn about a place through nature. My mom taught my sister and me how to cross-stitch when we were kids. It’s a hobby that has grown with me throughout my life. I enjoy designing personalized patterns for others.

My Home & Pets

I’ve had the privilege of living in several states. I’m now settled in a family-friendly, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in a lively downtown neighborhood. There are parks with splash pads nearby and cultural events, museums, historical sites, and fun events seconds away. A different food truck visits us each Tuesday, and there’s a farmers market within walking distance every weekend. The city is unique and offers friendships with people from diverse backgrounds. Just outside the city, there are countless outdoor activities to explore. This area is considered to be in one of the top 30 best school districts. I also own a second home near the coast. Family and friends meet there often to slow down and enjoy the water (and each other!).

My Extended Family

My career has kept me close to home and lets me be present for the big moments and, even more importantly, the small. I’m the youngest of three siblings, and I consider them my best friends. We share supportive and sarcastic bonds and put family first, always. I have large extended families on both my mother and father’s sides. My brother, sister-in-law, and sister carry on my parents’ tradition of hosting Thanksgiving every year for not just family but anyone that needs a place to go. Each year, we’re surrounded by more family and friends.

Another tradition is the road trip to my grandmother’s every December 26. We’ve never missed a year. My family of more than 30 people comes from wherever we are in the world to gather to spend time together and make memories. My favorite tradition is one I take wherever I go—Sunday family dinner. Sunday afternoons are for slowing down, preparing a meal that’s good for your soul, and spending time with those you love. My family and friends cannot wait to welcome a new addition to the table and into our hearts.

What Led Me To Adoption

I’ve always known I wanted to be a parent but was concerned about not being able to offer the “traditional” family environment. However, I came to realize that each family is unique, and as long as love is the foundation, a family is perfect. My sister has inspired me as I’ve watched her raise her son as a single mom. My close friend was adopted from South Korea when she was an infant, and her husband recently adopted her son. We’ve often discussed her adoption journey, and the respect she has for decisions made by both sets of parents. Watching my nephews grow into young men has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and your child will become an integral part of that family.

more about Loni

more about Loni

U.S. Army Public Affairs Officer
Master in Security Studies
All of it!
Cross-stitch, photography
A League of Their Own
July 4th!
Music Group:
Honey Honey
TV Show:
The Book Thief
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
RVing across the U.S.

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