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Family Type: Single
State I live in: California

dear expectant mother

Words cannot express my appreciation for the gift you are considering. I do not take your decision lightly and admire how much love and courage it takes to choose adoption. Know that your child will be loved and cherished by not only me, but my entire family. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you through this journey.

I am so excited about the possibility of being a mother and raising your baby with unconditional love. It will be an honor to provide your baby with a loving and stable home, wonderful experiences, and family traditions. I will encourage and support your child to become the best person they can be.

Please know that the sacrifice you are making means so much to me. I look forward to teaching your baby everything I know, from sports and baking to travel and love. Rest assured that your child will be raised in a loving and caring family.

I am so excited about the possibility of being a mother and raising your baby with unconditional love. It will be an honor to provide your baby with a loving and stable home, wonderful experiences, and family traditions.



About Me

It is hard to miss when you first meet me with my sister, but I am an identical mirror twin who is one minute younger than her “older” sister. We get along great and spend much of our time together, as she’s my best friend. I have been described by family and friends as caring, loving and always there for others. My family and friends are very close, and we spend a lot of time with each other at social gatherings, holidays, sporting events, and vacations. For over 18 years, I have been an educational architect in the Northern California area with a focus on K-12 construction. My job means I get to help provide great educational facilities for children.


My Home

I consider myself a very lucky person, with great family and friends, a wonderful job, and a beautiful place to live in Northern California. My home is in a diverse neighborhood that is within walking distance of excellent schools and parks. I live in an open floor plan, three bedroom, single story home on a quiet street with a view of the wetlands and trails in the back. Nearby, I have access to restaurants, different sporting events, theaters, museums, and local activities. I live within driving distance to the mountains in the east and the ocean to the west, and I can’t wait to have my child involved in playdates and sporting activities.

My Extended Family

I have family all over the United States, but my immediate family and life-long friends live in the same town as I do. When I expressed to them my desire to adopt, they were beyond excited for me and asked what they could do to help and how they could be my support system. I have never felt so loved as when my family and friends encouraged my desire to adopt.

Since I was five years old, my family and close friends have spent holidays, celebrations, vacations, and outings together. These holidays and celebrations have become a tradition for our families, and I look forward to them every year. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I can’t wait to share my family traditions with a child. Every year to kick off the holiday season, my family makes between 30 and 35 different types of cookies that we deliver to neighbors, work, and family. This leads to a large Christmas Eve celebration at my parents’ house, where gifts are exchanged and stories are told. I love seeing all the kids’ excitement as they rush to see the tree and decorations around the house.


What Led Me To Adoption

My entire life I have always known I wanted to be a mom. I believed it would be through the traditional route of dating, marriage, and then children, but that is not in the cards for me at this time. I have had great role models throughout my life, of mothers and fathers that are always there for their children and consider their children their greatest gift in life. I hope to follow in their footsteps, as motherhood is the greatest gift I could receive.

more about Michele

more about Michele

Architect, Client Leader
Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Italian, Mexican
Crafts, Baking
The Harry Potter Series
Soccer, Baseball
Music Group:
Garth Brooks, Lady Antebellum
TV Show:
The Dirk Pitt Series
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Australia, France, Italy

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