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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Illinois

dear expectant mother

I’ve started this letter so many times to you, and it feels like there are not enough words in the dictionary to express how ready, willing, and able I am to create an extraordinary life for your baby. You need someone to lean on in this difficult time, and I can’t assume to know how you feel. But we have this in common: We want to give your child the best life possible. We will be doing this together.

I knew as soon as I made this decision to adopt that I wanted to raise a baby in a place that feels like home. Your baby will have access to many opportunities, and I have a lot of support and help nearby.

The waiting period is going to be hard for me, but I’ve always used my gut instincts when it comes to making decisions, and they have never steered me wrong. You should use your gut too. You will know when you have made the right choice because you will feel it deep down. Pick the person whom you see filling the baby’s life with love, boundaries, and opportunity.

Wishing you strength as you go through this and prayers that you find utmost peace in your decision.

My entire existence has led me to this point, and I’m more than ready to take care of and love your baby.


About Me

My friends and family describe me as radiant, kind-hearted, gregarious (had to Google that one—it means fond of company and sociable), fun, trustworthy, balanced, happy, and loving. I think that captures my personality well. If I had to add one word for myself, it would be “understanding” (and funny, but I’m usually laughing at myself, so that may not count). I was raised by two loving parents who showed me what it meant to take care of the people around me. I work hard to make a successful living in finance, and I would battle for my circle of friends and family. I have the support of everyone around me as I journey down the path of adopting a beautiful baby.

My Home & Pets

I work in a Midwest city and live in a brand new condo in the city, but by the end of 2019, I will be renting out my condo and moving to a small city just 25 minutes west of the city. This is where I attended college and fell in love with the beautiful community, which houses fun parks, ice cream shops, a library, a sledding hill (!!), and places to walk with a stroller, and, most importantly, is near my family. Living in the city doesn’t allow me to have a garden, which is where I picture spending time at the new house with your baby playing in the mud right next to me. I am obsessed with watching things grow from seeds and then using the fresh food to cook good meals.

My Extended Family

Family is the most important thing to me. Period.

It’s still essential for my family to gather around the table to eat together and share stories. My mom makes a good pot of spaghetti sauce (although my brother would argue that his is better) that can make anyone feel loved. I see my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and three beautiful nieces almost twice a week.

We are very close and appreciate our time spent together. My nieces have been asking for a cousin for a long time! I was very close to my cousins growing up (they still live close to us), and it will mean a lot to me for your baby to have the same experience.

What Led Me To Adoption

My entire existence has led me to this point, and I’m more than ready to take care of and love your baby. I am eternally grateful for what I’ve been blessed with, but I’ve always known that there was something missing. Each year that passed, I kept telling myself, my life will be wasted if I don’t mother a child; it’s what I am meant to do. That hasn’t come my way, but I don’t want to wait to meet a special man in order to raise a child. And in the 21st century, times have changed, and I don’t have to wait! So in 2019 I decided that raising a baby through adoption was the path for me.

more about Nicole

more about Nicole

Financial Planning & Analysis
Bachelor of Science
Pizza, always
Gardening (Did I mention gardening?), spending time with my three nieces, and hiking!
Good Will Hunting
Fitness, cardio training
Christmas (It’s the only holiday that gives me a special feeling that our world is united.)
Music Group:
Fleetwood Mac
The Alchemist
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:

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