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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Florida

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mama,

As an adopted child myself, I know the hardships you must be facing. I promise to love and cherish your child for all of his or her days if you choose me. Your baby will have every opportunity you could ever imagine. I will do everything possible to provide them with a beautiful life of being loved and supported by their new big sister and me.

Your baby will be showered with love, understanding, and support, not just from us but also from our extended family and support systems. I have had such wonderful experiences with raising a little person, and I am so excited to be able to do it again. Your baby will feel adored, safe, and secure. He or she will explore the world, find happiness in the little things we can show him or her, and have the very best resources for an amazing future at his or her fingertips. I will tell them they never have to worry and that their birthmom is not only a courageous woman but also a very special woman.

There will be challenges growing up, but I hope that because I know firsthand what it is like to be an adopted child, I can provide a special insight and empathy only we can understand. The choice you are making is a blessing and a gift, and I am very grateful you are considering me. Thank you.

Your baby will feel adored, safe, and secure. He or she will explore the world, find happiness in the little things we can show him or her and have the very best resources for an amazing future at his or her fingertips.


About Me

Family is the most important thing to me! My mom is my best friend and number one supporter, as I strive to be for my own daughter. I believe in openness, loyalty, and communication. Positivity and smiling go a long way. I enjoy being outside, playing games, creating, nature walking, swimming, and anything that involves moving! I also enjoy a great movie night, baking, and reading a good book. I graduated from college, which eventually led me to building a small fine jewelry company for about seven years in New York City. Over the last few years, I have explored more in the world of healing arts also! I believe in open communication, listening, honestly, and showing children love and understanding without judgment.

My Home & Pets

Our home is at the end of a cul-de-sac, one block from the lake. It is a new home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. We have a great backyard to play and run around in. My daughter and I swim and enjoy gardening, walking our dog Lucky around the lake, or taking a ride in the golf cart. It is a family neighborhood and is an amazing community to raise children in. Our furry family members include two black cats named Logan and Luna, who are both four years old, and the newest member of our clan, Lucky, a sweet and happy little mix breed who is also four years old. We love them very much.

My Extended Family

I am so blessed to have two amazing families in my life. My adoptive family is small but strong: my mom, dad, and brother and his family (two kids). We are incredibly close even though they live up north and we live in Florida. My mom comes down to Florida on a bimonthly basis to see me and my daughter for a long weekend along with Halloween and Mother’s Day each year! We also pick one school vacation each year when we can all be together. We continue the tradition of 30-plus years of spending our summers up north. We all go for as long as each can to live together and have family time.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have developed a relationship with my birthmother’s family over the last 20 years. Before my grandmother passed in March 2021, she would come to Florida to visit us each year. There are calls with everyone else to check in and keep us all updated on life.

In my own development, it has been very important to have my birthfamily as part of my life. If that is what you desire as well, I support that wholeheartedly.

What Led Me To Adoption

Being an adopted child myself is what brought me on this journey. I have always known I wanted to adopt a child. My parents are amazingly supportive and loving people. I know firsthand the struggles adopted kids might feel, but I also know I have an intimate perspective to be able to help. The very best gift you can give an adopted child is to be open with them about it from the very beginning. Giving a child the opportunities that I received at birth has been embedded in my heart and soul since I can remember. This beautiful child will always feel like they belong and that being adopted was a gift between two amazing women, you and me.

more about Rebekah

more about Rebekah

Fine jeweler, healing arts
Master of Fine Arts
Mango, blueberries, pizza, french fries
Baking, outdoor activities, gardening, art
Too many to choose!
Favorite Tradition:
Thanksgiving with family, summers on Nantucket
Equestrian, dance, yoga, hiking
Music Group:
Trevor Hall
TV Show:
History books about different cultures
Subject in School:
Art, art history, gold-smithing, gemology
Dream Vacation:
Bali, India, Africa, Alps

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