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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Indiana

dear expectant mother

I can’t even begin to imagine all the emotions you are going through. Such a difficult decision weighing so heavily on your heart and you choosing adoption shows how courageous and compassionate you are by putting your baby’s needs first. Your generous sacrifice will make some family, if not me, feel very blessed. If I am lucky to be considered to be a mother to your baby, I would love to go through this entire process with you, if that is what you wish. If you choose me, your baby will be loved beyond measure, safe, nurtured, and protected, and they will receive a good education. The county I live in has high-ranking school systems in Indiana.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mom, but unfortunately my doctor said the chances of me getting pregnant were very low. I am so grateful to you and all the other brave women who choose adoption, giving women like me, who are unable to have a biological child, the opportunity to be the mother they have always wanted to be.

Since retiring, my parents have moved in with me, so there will always be at least one responsible, loving adult with your baby.

Thank you for considering me.

I am so grateful to you and all the other brave women who choose adoption, giving women like me, who are unable to have a biological child, the opportunity to be the mother they have always wanted to be.


About Me

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always told I was an old soul. When you meet me, I’m quiet at first, listening to learn about you, and then I turn into a bubbly chatterbox who’s always smiling. I am an optician at a nationwide retail vision center in Indiana. I’ve worked for this company for the past 19 years, working my way up from cashier to vision center associate and, for the past three years, vision center manager. I love my job and find satisfaction in helping patients, especially the young children and the elderly. I have several patients who request me to help them. My grandma instilled in me the love of crafting since the age of six, when we would do crafts together. I love to travel, which led to my passion for photography. My goal is to see all 50 states.

My Home & Pets

I live in a quiet, friendly neighborhood with a beautiful city park down the street. Residents always make sure the holidays are children oriented and fun is had by all. I live in a four-bedroom, three-bath house with a fully fenced in backyard. My yard is large enough for a swing set, sandbox, and anything else a child might want. Two years ago, I rescued two eight-week-old Lab-mix puppies, Whiskey and Graycie, who are lovable, friendly family members who love to cuddle with each other.

My Extended Family

My mom and dad have been married for almost 35 years. For the first two years of my life, I was raised by my mom. Then she met my dad, and they were married within eight months and are as happy today as the first day they met. My mom worked at a bank as a bank teller until she retired to become a full-time mom. After getting out of the military, my dad worked as a plumber until he retired in 2018.

I come from a large extended family. I have eight aunts and uncles and 12 cousins. Since relocating to Indiana and the loss of my grandparents, we’ve grown apart except for one family who stays in contact on a regular basis.

My best friend for the past 19 years has a nine-year-old daughter who is not only my goddaughter but I consider her my niece and she calls me auntie.

What Led Me To Adoption

I have always known I wanted to be a mother. When I was younger, I would play make believe with my dolls, preparing for that moment. I’ve waited this long to go forward with adoption because I wanted to make sure I was financially stable and could provide a loving home and a wonderful life for a child. I can’t wait to become a mom and to make a child the most important and loved person in my life. I know I can provide this and so much more for your child.

more about Amanda

more about Amanda

Optician/vision center manager
Optician degree & some college
Photography & crafts
Miss Congeniality, Blended
Favorite Tradition:
Watching holiday movies and baking holiday desserts
Christmas, Halloween
Music Group:
Sir Elton John
TV Show:
Friends, This Is Us, The Big Bang Theory
Suzanne’s Diary to Nicholas, Twilight saga
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Visit European countryside

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