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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Colorado

dear expectant mother

My Dearest,

I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. Your bravery in this time is humbling. I will not pretend to understand the complex emotions around what you are experiencing. I want
you to know that I am here to walk with you side by side and support you on this journey and every day after.

The decision you are making is one of the most important decisions of your life, your child’s life, and my life. Love isn’t about paper hearts or flowers; it is about making another’s well-being more important than your own. This act of true love and considering allowing me to be a part of it is humbling. You are starting your child’s life with a foundation that I assure you will grow strong and provide experiences that are secure, stable, warm, and full of opportunity. They will feel unconditional love for who they are and for who you are beyond measure. They will be cherished their whole lives by many, including you.

If you choose me to raise your child, we will never forget your selfless act that brought us together. I will always value you and your courage, respect you and your decision, and honor you and your selfless love during this journey together and beyond. Your child will know about these things too, and I will teach them to carry you in their heart on our journey together. They will always cherish you and this choice. Thank you for considering me.

I carry you in my heart,

If you choose me to raise your child, we will never forget your selfless act that brought us together.


About Me

By day, I work in software development as an agile coach; by night, I am a drawer and painter. What exactly is an agile coach? Good question—I’m not entirely sure either! But it takes some thick skin, courage, patience, empathy, and ability to remain comfortable in the uncomfortable. I try to be as many of these things as possible in everything I approach in life. My art is mostly pet portraits and larger-than-life butterfly sculptures for the local Rotary Club. I find peace and rejuvenation spending time in nature. My dogs and I camp, paddleboard, and kayak and often get lost stargazing. In the stars, and in life, it is always best to keep looking up. This mantra is my “north star” in life. The stunning beauty and immensity of our world and our universe helps me realize just how precious this life really is.

My Home & Pets

For the last nine years, my goldendoodle, Herkamer, has been constantly by my side. He is too smart for his own good and loves the cold weather a little too much. Clementine has been by his side for the last six years. She is sweet but spry and has a personality bigger than a great Dane, and yes, her mohawk is natural! We live in a city in the foothills of Colorado in a bright yellow three-bedroom house on a friendly street. The city we live in continues to grow but still has a smaller town feel and strong sense of community. What I love the most about the city I live in is how close my sister and her family live, and my parents’ neighborhood is close by. I drop in for visits often.

My Extended Family

I am the oldest of three. However, I come from a very large family on my mom’s side, and I am the oldest of 24 grandchildren! I have four cousins on my dad’s side who are all older than me. Most of my extended family lives in Indiana.

Visiting my grandparents and cousins growing up was one of my absolute favorite things, and lightning bug hunting in their yard is one of my most cherished memories; I used to smuggle them back to Colorado and release them here. My mom’s youngest sister is my godmother; she and I are especially close. My sister is my best friend. My brother, who is eight years younger than I am, attends school out of state. My parents have been married for 40 years and have built a home where we have shared a lot of love. They have especially been a pillar of support for me, and I know they will continue to be in the future.

What Led Me To Adoption

I have always known I wanted to build a family through adoption. As a child, the highlight of my day was listening to the late night radio show “Delilah”—yes, the Queen of Sappy Love Songs. In between those sappy love songs, she talked a lot about the space her heart holds for growing families through adoption and shared with us all many details of her experiences. I could feel the same song in my heart, and I still do to this day. It is just louder now. I am fortunate to be a part of a few adoption stories for people in my life, and I love watching their heart songs for adoption be written and celebrating those blessings with them.

more about Andrea

more about Andrea

Agile coach
Agnostic, Raised Catholic
Master’s in public administration
Sushi all day every day
Drawing, painting, astrophotography
Jurassic Park (original of course!)
Favorite Tradition:
My annual Christmas cookie exchange
Figure skating
Music Group:
Elton John
TV Show:
Jane the Virgin
Subject in School:
Reading/language arts
Dream Vacation:
Hawaii to see sea turtles

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