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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Colorado

dear expectant mother

As you consider the options for you and your child, I hope you will consider my home and me as their adoptive parent. I will share love, family, and laughter with a child every day. I believe the most important thing in the life of a person is love. I have learned about the importance of love over my life, including to love myself. Life is also a journey, and I hope to take that journey with a child.

As an aunt to my own niece and my friends’ children, I have learned how to nurture a child. I will take the lessons provided to me by parents I admire, including my own. I will provide a child with care, support, and strength. My parenting and my home will be full of fun and laughter. We will bake cookies, we will play, and we will read. I will make sure they have access to education and a future they are excited to grow into.

I will only bring amazing people I trust into their lives. I believe strength comes from knowing yourself, and I will show a child their strength. I will take them on many adventures to see the beautiful world, as I have done. I would love to share my favorite places with a little one, from Paris to beaches in Thailand or a hike in the Rocky Mountains.

If you choose me, I will share love with your child. Always.

As you consider the options for you and your child, I hope you will consider my home and me as their adoptive parent. I will share love, family, and laughter with a child every day. I believe the most important thing in the life of a person is love.


About Me

I am a strong, independent, and loving woman. I spend my time with my family, especially my parents, whom I share a home with, as well as my brother and nine-year-old niece. I am passionate about making the world better for all and have made that my life’s focus. I went to law school to fight for civil rights and continue this through my work to make our laws better as Director of Policy for an anti-hunger organization. In my job, I help get funding for food pantries and help people access food programs like food stamps. I volunteer with food pantries and love my community. I have friends of all ages, from younger co-workers to seniors I have met through my advocacy work. And I have two loving dogs, Ruthie and Hillary, who are my constant companions.

My Home & Pets

I have chosen to live in a multi-generational home with my parents. I have done this to help them but also because their company gives me much happiness. We laugh together, we cook together, and we make decisions together. Our home is in a comfortable neighborhood near a nice trail my dad and I often walk with our two dogs. Our home has my parents’ room upstairs, and my own, with a full bathroom, living area, and second bedroom, are in a beautiful basement. We recently updated it, and it is a comfortable space where a child would have their own room. I believe our home to be a special place for us and for a future child.

My Extended Family

My family is filled with love. My parents and I spend time weekly with my brother and niece, eating dinner, watching football, and playing games. On nice weekends, my brother, my niece, and I hike beautiful mountain trails. We would love to have a new little one for our adventures. My father and his two brothers are very close, and they care for their mother, who is now 94. I am pretty lucky to have them and a grandma in my life, as well as many second and third cousins from my grandma’s seven siblings. When we are together, like for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, the rooms are filled with laughter and love.

Finally, I have friends who are family. My closest friends have two sons who are now my niece’s closest friends. My best friend from high school has a son whom I often care for and who calls me Auntie Ashley. A new baby would be embraced, loved, and protected by these friends. I feel blessed to have a life full of loving, diverse, happy, strong, and smart people. I would love to share them with a child.

What Led Me To Adoption

I love connection and laughing. Every time I am with my beautiful niece and my best friend’s son, those are the best moments. I love children and how they show us truth in everything they do. My niece and I often bake cookies, hike together, and play games. I would love to share that same love and my life with a child. I recently started my adoption journey because I know it is the time in my life to do so. I have a career I love that will enable me to care for a child, a family that can share the journey with me, and the readiness to give my all to a child.

more about Ashley

more about Ashley

Policy director
Law school
Pizza, burgers, Thai & peanut butter M&M's
Hiking, reading, painting
Just Friends
Favorite Tradition:
Christmas morning!
Hiking, watching basketball
Music Group:
Love the play Hamilton
TV Show:
House Hunters International
Song of Solomon
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Thailand beach!

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