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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Mississippi

dear expectant mother

What a brave decision you are considering. While I don’t know your specific circumstances, the fact that you are taking responsibility for your child’s future demonstrates your maturity and concern for your child. I can’t imagine the emotions you are experiencing right now, but please know I am so grateful for your strength and honesty. I know you are making a significant sacrifice for your child, and I sincerely hope you know what a blessing you are giving to this baby.

I have a close-knit, loving family, and if you choose me, your baby will never want for love, support, or stability. I will be absolutely devoted to this child and will give him or her everything I have to offer. This will be a loved, accepted, nurtured, and happy child, which I know is of the utmost importance to us both.

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I know you are making a significant sacrifice for your child, and I sincerely hope you know what a blessing you are giving to this baby.


About Me

I am a family law attorney at a small but highly regarded law firm in Mississippi. I’ve worked at the same firm for six years now. I love gardening. My backyard is filled with roses, orchids, butterfly bushes, and even some fruit trees. I also love to cook and bake, although lately all of my free time has gone into potty-training my mini goldendoodle, Annie. I have a lot of flexibility with my job thanks to working at a small firm. I love my job, and I find it very fulfilling to help shepherd people through one of the worst times in their lives to a much better place by the time their case is over. Many of my clients end up becoming my friends over the course of their case. I also work as a Guardian Ad-Litem, which is an attorney for children, and I take a lot of pride in advocating for kids who otherwise would not have a voice.

My Home & Pets

I live in a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with sidewalks and beautiful yards. As is typical for the deep South, I know the majority of my neighbors and their children by name, and in the afternoons and weekends, people are out in the yards working, playing ball with their kids, walking, and riding bikes. I have a four-month-old mini-goldendoodle named Annie. I live in one of the top three public school districts in our state, which is also one of the most diverse school districts in our state. I live in a brick house with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a playroom, and a fenced-in backyard. I am not a formal person by any means, so my house has a very homey and comfortable vibe.

My Extended Family

My mom and dad have been married for over thirty-five years. They currently live about twenty minutes away from me. My mom is a registered nurse, and she is the epitome of a nurturer and caregiver. She lives to help others.

My dad is a self-made man who came from an extremely poor family. He is on the verge of retiring from his self-owned mechanical engineering firm, which he built from the ground up. I learned my love of gardening from my dad as well as my determination, independence, and strong work ethic.

I was raised with an older half-sister and half-brother and a younger brother. I am still very close to all my siblings, nieces, and nephews.

What Led Me To Adoption

This will be my first adoption and first child. I tried to make all the right decisions growing up and throughout my early adulthood to put myself in the best position to be able to provide a stable, structured, nurturing, and loving home life for my future family. I focused on my education and my career, which I don’t regret. Now I am finally in the place in my life where I can provide a home and a life for a child, and after seeing my older brother’s adoption of his first child, I knew I wanted to adopt as well.

more about Bridget

more about Bridget

Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Master in International Affairs
Gardening, baking
Forrest Gump, Miss Congeniality
Favorite Tradition:
Baking holiday cookies and watching holiday movies
Halloween, Christmas
Music Group:
Florence + the Machine
TV Show:
Game of Thrones, This Is Us
To Kill a Mockingbird
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Fiji in one of those huts on the water

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