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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Virginia

dear expectant mother

Dear Expecting Mother,

Losing my daughter has been the most difficult thing that I have ever been through. One of the things I have learned over the last year is that life is constantly bringing experiences we can learn from.

As you decide whether to make an adoption plan for your child, I want you to know I am prepared to love and provide for your child as my own. I will do my best to keep them safe. Their talents will be nurtured, and they will be encouraged to live out the special plan God has for their life. I will be their cheerleader and guide them through life to the best of my ability. We will continue to travel, laugh, have fun, celebrate milestones and experience all the great things life has to offer.

Thank you for being courageous and selfless and for doing what is best for your child. I am more than grateful for this opportunity.

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As you decide whether to make an adoption plan for your child, I want you to know I am prepared to love and provide for your child as my own.


About Me

Hi! I’m Carla, and I like to watch movies and true crime TV, make scrapbooks, play with my dog, and travel. My dog’s name is Massak, and he’s a 13-year-old American Eskimo mix. I rescued him when he was about 1 ½ years old. To date, I have visited 48 U.S. states and am preparing to visit the remaining two sometime this year. I have also visited several countries outside the United States, which has given me a unique perspective on the many privileges we enjoy as Americans. I work as a medical services professional for a local healthcare system. August 2024 marks my 20th anniversary working at my current hospital, but I have worked on the administrative side of healthcare since my teens.

My Home & Pets

I have lived in Virginia for approximately 20 years. In 2013 I rescued my dog, Massak. In the Inuit (Eskimo) language, his name means “soft snow.” When Massak came to live with us, we were in a townhouse with a very small backyard. Massak loves to run and play, so we decided to move to a larger house with a bigger backyard. In 2016 we purchased our current home. We enjoy living in our neighborhood, which is safe and close to shopping, movie theaters, parks, and restaurants. The school system is one of the best in the region. Prior to the birth of my daughter, we added another bedroom and bathroom to the first floor of our house, so there is ample space for our household.

My Extended Family

My immediate family is very close. My parents, who are both retired now, were married for over 25 years before getting divorced, but they remain good friends. I am the youngest of three children. My dad lives close by with my older sister. She has one daughter, who is preparing to start her senior year of college. My brother and his wife live in Maryland, which is like my second home. Their youngest daughter is preparing to start her sophomore year in art school, and their oldest daughter is now in her late twenties, with a five-year-old son.

I also have a three-year-old cousin in Maryland, who is my goddaughter, and I sponsor two girls in Cambodia (ages 10 and 14), who I hope to meet someday. My family loves to have parties, so I am usually the planner of these events. Overall, we love to travel, see new things, and experience life together.

What Led Me To Adoption

In 2020 I was diagnosed with a medical condition that required me to have a hysterectomy. In 2022 my doctor encouraged me to undergo fertility treatment so that I could have children. My gestational carrier gave birth to my daughter in April 2024, but unfortunately she was stillborn. At the age of 42, it will be difficult for me to have another biological child. I have a good friend who was adopted, and she is an amazing person. My mom also has a good friend who is an adoptive mother, and she has encouraged me to follow through on this path. I am confident I can give a child a loving home through adoption.

more about Carla

more about Carla

Medical Staff Coordinator
African American
Bad Boys 2
Favorite Tradition:
Weekly Sunday dinner with family
Music Group:
TV Show:
The First 48
The Bible
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Australia/New Zealand

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