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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Texas

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you. Choosing adoption for your child must weigh heavily on your mind when choosing parents to raise and care for your child. I am so incredibly grateful to you for considering me for this priceless task. Please know that if you decide to choose me to raise your child, they will always be surrounded by love and acceptance in every moment. Your child will always know how strong and brave you are and how much you love them.

If you choose me to raise your child, I can promise that from the very instant your child comes into my life, they will be surrounded by a family that will provide care, love, humor, respect, and support. I will encourage your child in all of their dreams and aspirations and make sure they have every opportunity available to them to ensure their success. I will ensure that they know their culture, history, and past so they never lose sight of who they are and where they came from.

Choosing this path for your child is such a hard, brave, and strong thing to do, all wrapped up together. I will be there to support and respect you in whatever way you need. I would love to get the opportunity to meet you, laugh with you, and cry with you during this courageous journey. I will meet you where you are and stand by your side however you need me to.

I will encourage your child in all of their dreams and aspirations and make sure they have every opportunity available to them to ensure their success.


About Me

Hi! I am a business analyst who is a bit of a nerd.. I love the Harry Potter series as well as all of the Marvel movies and the Star Wars movies. I enjoy baking, so much so that I now make all the birthday cakes for everyone in the family as well as any desserts and other treats when I get together with family and friends. I enjoy horseback riding and hiking with my dogs when the weather allows for it as well as traveling and spending time with my family. Another thing that I love to do when traveling is scuba dive, so most of the places I travel to are beach related in some way. While I enjoy the mountains, my soul really is pulled to the ocean.

My Home & Pets

I live in a rural town that is only about 30 minutes from the closest city. We get both the small town feel and all the perks of the big city. The school district is great, with small classrooms and the ability to do college courses in high school if wanted and with even smaller classrooms for more one-on-one attention from teachers if needed. My home sits on about 40 acres of land, so we have horses, cattle, dogs, cats, and chickens and will even be getting goats soon! My pets in the home are four dogs and two cats. My dogs are all very friendly and love playing with my nieces and nephews as well as just walking around my property with me!

My Extended Family

My extended family is very close. We usually meet up about once a month, and all of the cousins get together to play while the adults catch up! We enjoy taking vacations as a family as well as being involved in each others’ lives. My parents are married, and I have two brothers who both have families. My mother and her sister are very close, and because of this, her daughter grew up almost like a sister to me.

I have eight nieces and nephews between my brothers and my cousin, so they all get to grow up with built-in best friends! My parents also like to be present in each of their grandchildren’s lives, so they make sure they do fun things with each child so that everyone gets individual time with GiGi and Papa.

Some of the best times we have as a family are going to the local pumpkin patch together each year and letting each child get their own pumpkin or going to the local Christmas tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving. Each family picks out their Christmas tree for the season with a bunch of input from our family members about which tree each family should get!

What Led Me To Adoption

I have always wanted to add to my family through adoption. I knew I wanted to be a mom at an early age. I think adoption is such a unique way to grow your family because not only do you get the amazing opportunity to parent a child but you also, by the very nature of adoption, grow your family to include your child’s biological family, if that is something both sides want. We had extended family who chose to adopt, and it was a beautiful relationship I witnessed in both the relationship between the adopted child and their parents as well as the relationship between the child, their parents, and the child’s biological parents.

more about Christina

more about Christina

Business analyst
Some college
Horseback riding
Any of the Marvel movies
Favorite Tradition:
Viewing Christmas lights and 4th of July, all with family
Baseball, basketball
Music Group:
I pretty much like it all.
TV Show:
Criminal Minds
Harry Potter
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Hike up to Rainbow Mountain in Peru

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