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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Georgia

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual feelings and sensations you have and will go through are enormous and life altering. I want you to know that I admire your strength and selflessness in deciding to choose adoption.

As an adoptive mother, I know a baby’s life does not begin at adoption; there is so much that comes before. If you choose me, I’d like your child to know you, whether that means meeting you or learning about you through information that you provide. You are an integral part of who she is, and that will have an effect on who she becomes. If you choose me, I would be elated and happy to meet with you or get to know you at any level you’re comfortable with. While I rarely make promises, I can promise, if you choose me, I will love her with all my heart, provide her the best possible life that I can, and be her biggest cheerleader.

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While I rarely make promises, I can promise, if you choose me, I will love her with all my heart, provide her the best possible life that I can, and be her biggest cheerleader.


About Me

I am a creative, inquisitive, determined, and family-oriented Christian. I adopted my daughter ten years ago, and we are very close. In addition to adopting more children, my goals include becoming fluent in multiple languages, learning how to play the piano, running an entire marathon, and opening my own bakery with an attached cat rescue. I have worked in records management for 15+ years and have been at my current job for nine years. My life is generally pretty quiet, although I know that will change once I adopt! I look forward to the changes that come with having a child. Most of my friends have been my friends for at least a decade, and I enjoy having such strong, deep relationships with people. My best friend and I have been friends for 35+ years.

My Home & Pets

My house is a three-bedroom, two-story home perfect for a family. It sits on about an acre and has a pool and a long driveway perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Our neighborhood is quiet and is zoned for some of the best schools in the area. My church is nearby and is a new church with many families. The minister’s family is an adoptive family and is supportive of adoptive families. My cats are rescues and are gentle with people.

My Extended Family

My family is on the small side. Both of my parents are alive and have been happily married for 53 years. I have an older brother. Growing up, my parents were involved in our activities and encouraged us to pursue our interests in sports, music, arts, and volunteering. I intend to do the same for my children.

We also did things together as a family, such as throwing the frisbee in the backyard, going to the beach after church on Sundays, having movie nights, and playing board games. My parents read to us every night when we were young. My brother is the typical protective older brother. He will make an awesome uncle. He is very sensitive to the feelings of others and a good listener.

I have four cousins. Their visits were one of the highlights of the year. One cousin lives near me now, and we see each other when we can. I was fortunate to grow up with both sets of grandparents living in the same town as me. We had traditions surrounding holidays and weekly/monthly traditions that bring back fond memories.

My Adoption Story

Adoption is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. About ten years ago, that desire became a reality when I adopted my daughter at 14 after I had fostered her and other children. While I knew I wanted to adopt again, I waited until after she had moved out so that my focus was entirely on her. My desire to adopt again has only grown over the past few years. I want to adopt a baby this time around so that I can build a relationship with her from the beginning and have at least 18 years with her before she begins her own journey.

more about Christine

more about Christine

Records manager
MA in education
Italian, sweets
Arts/crafts, baking, exercising
The Sound of Music
Favorite Tradition:
Activities with family
Gymnastics, swimming, running
Music Group:
TV Show:
The West Wing, The Chosen
Anything by Jane Austen
Subject in School:
Math, history
Dream Vacation:
RVing through the U.S.

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