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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Florida

dear expectant mother

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to consider me for the opportunity to experience the blessing of motherhood. I hope you feel all of the love, warmth, and support I have to offer you and your precious baby. I recognize this decision is extremely difficult for you, and I admire your courage, selflessness, and strength. I pray you feel supported throughout this process.

I will raise your child in a loving and safe environment, teaching them to help others in need, to always extend kindness, and to be respectful. Growing up, I was able to enjoy summer camps, take swimming lessons, join the Girl Scouts, and play an instrument. These experiences were important in my development, and I would love to provide these types of opportunities for your child. I look forward to playing board games, reading together, and traveling to explore national parks, historical landmarks, and unique wonders of the world!

My village of family and friends is excited to nurture your child with me by babysitting, helping with homework, attending recitals, cheering at sport events, celebrating birthdays, and giving standing ovations at school events and graduation ceremonies. If given the opportunity to raise your child, they will always receive unconditional love and protection.

I hope you feel all of the love, warmth, and support I have to offer you and your precious baby.


About Me

I am a generous, conscientious, and caring person who loves to laugh, help others, and serve in my community. I love to travel, learn about other cultures, and try new types of food and local cuisine. Visiting historical landmarks, taking guided tours, and joining excursions are highlights I look forward to on every trip I take! I enjoy going to food and music festivals, attending concerts and contemporary dance performances, and traveling to different cities to see off-Broadway musicals. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 20 years, providing direct patient care, and have worked in a Director of Operations healthcare role for the past 10 years.

My Home

In preparation for my motherhood journey, I sold my townhome and purchased a spacious, three-bedroom home in a family-friendly community that has a playground, dog park, and swimming pool. We have active committees in our neighborhood that plan games and activities for children, host Food Truck Fridays as an opportunity to socialize and meet other families, and find fun ways to keep our community connected. My subdivision is less than a mile from our local library and middle school and within ten minutes of a town center that has a nice variety of shopping and places to eat.

My Extended Family

I grew up in the Midwest and always enjoyed the change of seasons, drinking warm apple cider and hot chocolate by the fireplace, and bundling up in scarves and comfy boots to visit both sets of grandparents during the holidays. Although I live in the South now, I look forward to returning to my hometown annually to reunite with my extended family and close friends. My dad’s side of the family has an annual holiday party filled with games, great food, and so much fun.

Our Labor Day weekend family reunions include karaoke night, a talent show, and lots of games for all ages. I have two uncles, three aunts, two nephews, nine first cousins, and ten second cousins who live in my hometown. My cousins have all started their own families, and I love spending time with their children when I’m in town and watching them grow through pictures and FaceTime calls. I have quite a few cousins who live in other states and three who live in other countries. Those meet-ups are less frequent but are definitely priceless! I’m really looking forward to expanding my family and sharing those special moments with a little one.

What Led Me To Adoption

Being actively involved in my nephews’ lives and watching them grow up has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! I’ve gone to their baseball games, played with them at parks, and shared many special moments. I’ve served as a middle school and high school tutor and as a Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentor. I expected to have started a family by now and never gave up on my journey to motherhood. I didn’t feel a biological need to have a child of my own, just a heart filled with love for a child I would be blessed with. My family is so excited I am pursuing adoption and can’t wait to love and support this child.

more about Courtney

more about Courtney

Director of Operations
African American
Master of Health Administration
Salmon, salads
Traveling, bargain shopping, reading
Downton Abbey
Favorite Tradition:
Taking annual family trips/vacations
Music Group:
Janet Jackson
TV Show:
Law & Order
Power to Prosper
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