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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Texas

dear expectant mother

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your thoughtful consideration of me as a potential parent for your child. Your decision to entrust me with the incredible responsibility of caring for, loving, and experiencing life with your child would be both humbling and profoundly moving. I am truly honored you are considering me for this role. Your decision to consider adoption for your child demonstrates a remarkable act of love, courage, and selflessness. I am deeply moved by your choice and committed to honoring it with the utmost care and devotion.

For years, my heart has been filled with a longing to become a parent through adoption. The journey to this moment has been a winding path, but now my life and my home have finally aligned to welcome a child into my world. This is an opportunity I cherish, and I am excited to embark on this journey to grow my family.

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a loving and supportive network of friends and family who have helped me grow into the person I am today. The warmth and care I have experienced in my life are qualities I wish to share with your child. I'm confident that the support and love I've received will be the cornerstone of our promising future together.

Once again, thank you for considering me as a potential parent. The prospect of becoming a parent fills me with joy, hope, and a profound sense of responsibility.

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For years, my heart has been filled with a longing to become a parent through adoption.


About Me

I possess a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and kindness. These qualities are what initially drew me to a career working with animals, and I'm proud to say I recently achieved my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. My upbringing on a ranch, surrounded by horses, cattle, and chickens, instilled in me a strong work ethic. There was always plenty of work to be done, from caring for animals to collecting eggs and tending to stalls. Weekends are often filled with family activities and gatherings with my parents, grandparents, brother, sister-in-law, and precious niece as well as the anticipation of welcoming another niece. Those closest to me describe me as honest, loving, courageous, curious, gentle, loyal, and highly focused. I have a profound love for travel, both abroad and domestically. Exploring different cultures and cuisines and meeting intriguing individuals are some of my favorite experiences. During my leisure time, I find joy in cooking, crocheting, and indulging in various types of crafts.

My Home & Pets

I call a cozy Texas town my home, where my deep ties to the community are evident given that both my residence and workplace are located here. Recently I became a homeowner, settling into a charming cul-de-sac within a family-friendly subdivision with young children and the convenience of having a delightful community pool and playground just a short stroll away. Better yet, I am incredibly fortunate to be part of a school district that holds a distinguished reputation as one of Texas's finest. My love for animals is abundantly evident in my household with a delightful menagerie of furry companions, including two cherished puppers named Saydee and Trooper, two affectionate kitties named Huey and Minnie, and three adorable ratty-patties by the names of Gracie, Frankie, and Lilly.

My Extended Family

I am truly blessed to have such close-knit relationships with my family, both in terms of proximity and the depth of our bonds. My parents and grandmother continue to reside on the same ranch where I spent my childhood. My brother and his family live just a mile away from them. My extended family is also quite close, with two uncles, one aunt, and five cousins. A special connection exists between my niece and me, and we frequently enjoy sleepovers and playdates as we create cherished memories together.

Our family traditions are deeply rooted in our holiday celebrations, which take place on the very ranch where I grew up. Throughout the year, we come together to mark various holidays and birthdays, each festivity infused with its own unique traditions. For instance, Thanksgiving is synonymous with football games in the media room, while Easter brings joyous egg hunts at the ranch. During Christmas, we eagerly engage in the hidden pickle game, a beloved tradition that never fails to bring laughter and excitement. Our family gatherings are not just about coming together; they also revolve around sharing homemade culinary delights, including an abundance of delicious food and desserts that truly make every holiday feel warm and inviting.

What Led Me To Adoption

As a child, I wasn't fully aware of what adoption truly meant. It wasn't until my parents began exploring the idea when I was 12 that the concept became clear to me. I distinctly remember thinking how remarkable and heartwarming it is to love a child who isn't biologically related to you. It was something I was deeply drawn to, even more than the idea of having my own biological children. As I aged, this calling to pursue adoption as a way to build my family grew stronger. I understood completing my education and establishing my career would be essential before embarking on this journey. Now I find myself fully prepared to embrace a child with open arms, to share my life, and to help them become the best version of themselves.

more about Courtnie

more about Courtnie

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Mexican food, especially quesadillas!
Crocheting and any craft!
Anything Disney
Favorite Tradition:
Friday night family dinners at my parents’ house
Basketball, swimming
Music Group:
TV Show:
Grey’s Anatomy
The Hunger Games series
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:

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